Jupiter Mobile App Set for Release in May or June

This development will boost the exchange’s accessibility and functionality, attracting global users.

During a lively conference session, Siong outlined the upcoming mobile app’s features and roadmap.

Siong Outlines Features of Upcoming Jupiter Mobile App

According to him, the Jupiter Mobile App aims to provide users with a seamless and efficient trading experience, emphasizing security, speed, and user-friendly design.

The timing of the release positions the Jupiter Exchange to capitalize on the growing demand for mobile solutions in the cryptocurrency space. As more users opt for trading on the go, the Jupiter Mobile App will be a crucial tool in their trading arsenal. It will enable them to execute trades, manage portfolios, and access real-time market data anytime and anywhere.

Also, the Jupiter Mobile App has these three key features:

  • Users will benefit from zero fees: This will enable users to trade without any financial constraints. This feature ensures accessibility and encourages active participation in the market.
  • The app will incorporate an auto-configuration system: This will let users trade by automatically adjusting slippage, gas fees, and retries, thus optimizing efficiency and minimizing user intervention.
  • The app’s super-focused approach: It will cater exclusively to Solana enthusiasts, offering seamless swaps and onramps within the Solana ecosystem. Thereby,  simplifying trading operations and enhancing user experience.
More About the Jupiter Exchange

Yesterday, significant enhancements were made to two key features of Jupiter Perps, aimed at improving the trading experience and efficiency:

  • The bundling of Oracle Updates with Position Requests: By integrating an Oracle update directly with a position request, the new approach significantly improves the success rate of trades, ensuring smoother and more reliable transactions.

  • The second update addresses the issue of returning collateral on expired orders: The introduction of a new “expired orders” tab now allows users to close their orders themselves instantly.



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