QANplatform announced the launch of its quantum-resistant and Ethereum-compatible blockchain testnet.

This launch gives developers room to code smart contracts in several programming languages.

Exploring New Features on Quantum-Resistant Blockchain

The QAN Testnet is the latest version of QANplatform’s blockchain that allows users to test new features. This means that the team gets feedback from developers and users to improve these features. Before launching the testnet, the QANplatform had a few things going on. They implemented a quantum-resistant technology for a European Union member state.

The QAN testnet is a significant milestone in the QAN platform and Web3 technology. It displays QAN’s interest in helping developers in the blockchain industry. This means that developers can build smart contracts with any programming language. That’s pretty impressive, and that’s what QAN Testnet is about. 

QAN Testnet stands out from other web3 platforms like EOSIO. It has unique features. These features include:

  • Quantum-Resistant Security

The QAN Testnet is secure against potential attacks because of its quantum-resistant security.

  • Compatibility with Ethereum

Although EOSIO and its virtual machine, the QAN testnet is compatible with EVM blockchains. This would lead to smooth transactions with the Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

  • Approves any Programming Language

Many blockchains support certain programming languages for coding smart contracts. But the QAN Testnet is different. QAN Testnet accepts any programming language. So, as a developer, you can use the programming language you know to code smart contracts.

  • No-Code Smart Contract Studio

QAN has a no-code smart contract studio. This feature makes it an exceptional platform. With this feature, you can code smart contacts with zero coding experience. You can use the no-code smart contract studio feature to achieve this in a few minutes.

More About QANPlatform

The QANPlatform is compatible with PoS and PoW consensus algorithms. But, here’s something new: CRYSTALS-Dilithium. QANplatform uses CRYSTALS-Dilithium for its activities. Also, CRYSTALS-Dilithium helps secure transactions even against quantum computers. This means that It ensures that your data is secure.

QANplatform’s co-founder and CTO, Johann Polecsak, expressed thoughts about the testnet. He said that the team aims to handle current and future problems in the blockchain industry.



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