Sui Outperforms Solana in Stress Test Transactions

On April 3rd, Sui recorded an impressive 41 million transactions, surpassing Solana’s 27.7 million transactions on the same day.

This surge in Sui activity is due to ‘spam‘, a token for rigorous network stress tests.

Spam Tokens Drive Sui’s Transaction Surge

Sui, who celebrates its 1 year anniversary of their mainnet this month is a newer chain compared to the established Solana network. Sui has implemented this stress test to evaluate and enhance its capabilities. The test involves the issuance of spam tokens; each day, 1 billion tokens are released and distributed among users based on the volume of transactions they initiate.

This mechanism not only tests the network’s capacity and resilience but engages the community by rewarding participation.

Source: Artemis

The primary goal of utilizing spam this way is to simulate high-traffic conditions on Sui’s infrastructure to identify potential bottlenecks and improve overall performance. During the stress test period, network throughput peaked at 863 transactions per second (TPS) and later stabilized at around 650 TPS, as reported by a user named Martyparty.

According to Artemis, a blockchain analytics tool, the overwhelming majority of the transactions during this period were related to the distribution and circulation of spam tokens.

More About Spam on Sui

Over 65 million transactions have been logged since the stress test began. This number is expected to rise as more users join to earn spam tokens. Despite these large numbers, the unique user participation stands at less than 60,000. This indicates a high level of engagement from a relatively small number of users. This is how this spam token works:

This experimental approach taken by Sui not only tests the network’s technical capabilities but also creates a dynamic environment for user interaction. By tying spam tokens to transaction activity, Sui boosts user participation in network development.



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