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BitTorrent File System (BTFS) to Take Over Decentralized Storage

BitTorrent File System (BTFS) to Take Over Decentralized Storage

Since the inception of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, decentralized data storage has been bookmarked as a crucial component of this ecosystem. The BitTorrent File...
CyberVein(CVT) - Blockchain and AI Driving Medical Innovation

CyberVein Solves Obstacles of Medical Databases

Medical big data holds tremendous promise to transform the medical industry but is currently facing big challenges. The abundant medical data amassed from various...
The Future of Data- Decentralized Databases

The Future of Data: Decentralized Database

We have come a long way since the times of a single database model to a cloud-based centralized database. This change has enhanced the...
CyberVein product is ready

CyberVein: Incredibly Fast and Trustworthy Big Data Solution

CyberVein, the first distributed ledger system that enables decentralized management of data is changing the way we trade, transfer, and interconnect data. In our...
Is Blockchain with AI the Solution to Big Data Chaos?

CyberVein will Improve Centralized Databases

We hear talks about Big Data. But how big really is this surfeit of data? To put things into perspective, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and...
CyberVein (CVT)

CyberVein (CVT) – Interconnecting The Data That Runs The World

By 2025, our digital universe is expected to generate 463 exabytes of data every day. And that is equivalent to 212,765,957 DVD storage per...

OPACITY (OPQ) – Blockchain Storage Solution

Opacity is a storage platform that is bringing anonymous file storage solutions to the blockchain. Opacity’s product is market-ready and recently ran its beta...
Node’s 2024-2025 Guide And Top Picks

Node’s 2024-2025 Guide And Top Picks

 platNodes caught our attention with the recent record of its rewards. They are now a means of income generation, and several node operators have...
What are Validiums and Volitions in Lens Protocol?

What are Validiums and Volitions in Lens Protocol?

Lens Protocol wants to operate on the same level as Immutable X and Sorare. To get to the same level as these projects, it has...

Serenity Shield Launches a Global DePIN Network

Earlier this year, Serenity Shield entered the GCC with their StrongBox product. The GCC is the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the...