The #1 DePin Altcoin of the 2024 Crypto Bullrun?

According to Yahoo Finance, the data storage market worldwide will grow 17.8% per year. By 2030, it will be a $778 billion industry. And unlike many areas of crypto that are built on all hype, a few excellent data storage options are already out there.

But only one splits up your keys in a way that increases security without adding inconvenience to your access. Who am I talking about? Serenity Shield and its StrongBox service. Let’s check them out.

Reintroducing StrongBox

Thanks to the successful V2 launch of their $SERSH token, it’s easy to forget some of the fundamentals we like behind this project. First and foremost, is the flagship StrongBox service. StrongBox is the Dropbox of Web3. Although we were one of the first to say this, we are not the only ones.

Others are recognizing the advantages of decentralized storage too. The team just signed a HUGE deal with global publishing house Contentra Technologies. Contentra publishes digital and online versions of the BBC and National Geographic, among others. Contentra will store 10 million gigabytes (10 petabytes) on Serenity Shield’s StrongBox service.

Even better, they are paying 1.2 million $SERSH for the first tranche of data. Contentra is helping to set the example for others to follow of giving more utility to the $SERSH token along with lower rates for service. And even better, as the Team promised in their Tokenomics, they will burn 25% of this payment to help move $SERSH to deflationary status. This 300k token burn took place yesterday the 18th.

This is a great deal all around. And it shows why digital native solutions are necessary. Here the security is not reliant on Google or Amazon. The security for StrongBox is one of its real innovations.

How Serenity Shield Maintains Decentralized Security

Security matters when it comes to your data. With centralized providers like Google or Amazon, it’s a double-edged sword. The good is that they have good security. The bad is that they are also the biggest targets of hackers.

As famous bank robber Willie Sutton said, he robs banks cause that’s where the money is. And so hackers target Google the most because that’s where the data is. With StrongBox you get quality security without all the negative attention that comes with Google. Or the reliance that Google’s security is still top-notch after all these years.

When you create your own StrongBox account, what you are doing is minting an NFT that holds the keys and metadata for your StrongBox account. Plus, you are reserving your space within Serenity Shield’s network. Again, this is free for the first 6 months. No mint fees or gas. Your key is split into 3 different keys. No one key allows full access for security purposes. It’s like a multi-signature setup. Here is where the 3 keys go:

  1. The user gets one
  2. The user’s nominee gets one. This could be spouse, business partner, child, investment adviser, etc.
  3. Secured in the Serenity Shield Vault

This is all done through smart contracts and the nominee key is activated only when certain parameters are set. You need 2 of the 3 keys to open the account. Notice how there is no reliance on a bigger company behind the scenes. There’s no reliance on Serenity Shield either. They can’t access your account. Only you and your nominees can.

Serenity Shield as DePIN

DePIN is a sector we are talking about A LOT. Especially lately. And the main reasons for that are:

  • People want decentralized solutions for successful Web2 apps and businesses. Like Dropbox or Amazon Web Services.
  • People want more privacy than big, centralized businesses will offer with their services.
  • People want more control of their data. After all, it’s your data. You should decide who gets to see and use it.

Notice how Serenity Shield ticks off all these boxes:

  1. It’s the Dropbox of Web3
  2. Serenity has no access to your data so it’s more private
  3. Because Serenity has no access to your data, it’s also more secure. Hackers can’t take what they can’t access.
  4. You decide who your nominees are and how you want to split up your keys.

Plus, StrongBox is moving into the RWA narrative too. So watch for announcements coming soon on how StrongBox will play a role in this important sector.

Some areas of DePIN are undeveloped. Some of these areas we don’t know if there will ever be a good decentralized solution. Mobile networks are one area even though the Solana ecosystem has a couple of those in the works. Sui does too. However, decentralized storage is already successful. Arweave, Filecoin, Storj, and Sia all provide solutions. And some of them are very good.

Yet none of them maintain security with this NFT key splitting method for safety that Serenity Shield uses. This projects StrongBox to be the safest storage in the market today. Try Serenity’s Strongbox service today and see why companies are trusting millions of gigabytes of data to StrongBox.



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