With a complete and fully functional product release, BLABBER is announcing how they will dramatically change today’s social media landscape by turning users into entrepreneurs who are paid for consuming advertising on their platform. Blockchain technology makes it possible to pay users instantaneously for any contributions made while being active on the platform, whilst allowing Advertisers to embrace this radically different approach. BLABBER will be holding an IEO on the 21st of June on IDAX. 

The Problem:

Today, a $98 billion industry (2019 worldwide) generates profits off of users’ data without their explicit consent and also incurs frequent security breaches of users’ data. Criticism for these issues has gained worldwide attention. Users are annoyed when ads interrupt their intended activities on smartphones and other communication devices. Targeting and re targeting of user activities on web sites generates more unwanted activity in an ever-escalating process. In this construct, users are forced to accept legacy social networks that allow little flexibility to adapt to a user’s particular requirements.

The Market:

The market for social media ads will grow to US $187b by 2023. USA and China will represent the largest single markets followed by Europe and mobile applications will grow and represent about almost 80% by 2023. BLABBER plans to attain 2m users within 24 months. Advertisers will be pleased to find targeted consumers with BLABBER because users will receive BLABBER Tokens for consuming ads and providing limited data to advertisers.


Michael Freund – CEO

  • Working in different IT Projects for Porsche, Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz.
  • General Mgr/Owner Web Development Agency

Michael Gaida – COO

  • General Mgr/Owner Wholesale Distribution Company

Walter Nagel – CFO

  • BSc Computer Science, Germany
  • MBA – Marketing – Arizona State
  • VP Mkt and Business Unit Memorex Telex, USA
  • Managing Partner CompuNet Germany
  • VP GE Germany
  • Owner AMERIOPA GmbH, Germany

Max Schempp – CTO

  • MSc Computer Science, Germany
  • Research Injection Vulnerability SAP
  • Agile SW Engineering Project

Dominik Wei-Fieg – Head of Mobile Development

Timo Zimmermann – Head of Development

Frank Berger – Business Advisor Strategy – M&A Strategy

Behar Veliqi – A.I. Tech Advisor

Michael Jacobs (Crypto Shill Nye) – Brand Ambassador – Marketing Advisor

OhHeyMatty – Brand Ambassador – Technology Consultant

The Platform:

BLABBER is structured into several services which form the entire ecosystem: Mobile Application and its Backend, Social Mining Protocol, Marketplace, and Advertiser Platform. BLABBER designed each of those segments and services including the respective applications with its own staff.

Social Mining — Users generating activity on the BLABBER Platform (e.g. through likes, posts, comments) will be rewarded with BLA Tokens through the social mining protocol (see Whitepaper for mathematical details and formulas).

Marketplace — The BLABBER Marketplace enables marketplace owners to easily manage payments from their customers. The BLABBER Marketplace accepts all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Payments are accepted either wholly in FIAT, a mixture of FIAT and BLA Tokens, or wholly in BLA Tokens. The BLABBER Marketplace uses Stripe Connect to accept money and pay it directly to participating marketplace owners.

Advertisers Platform — The BLABBER Advertisers platform allows users to decide what personal information they want to share, with whom, and how they want to monetize its use. Advertisers can register for the BLABBER Advertiser Platform, to get access to all enterprise features, such as detailed campaign plans, target audience exploration tools, statistics, heat maps, geo detection, and many more services.

Standard Wallet — A Standard Wallet is automatically created for each user who registers with BLABBER. This wallet records the activities of a user on the EOS blockchain from the very beginning and credits the corresponding number of BLA Tokens determined by the social mining process. The creation of the standard wallet is fully automated in the background allowing user instantly to interact with all BLABBER smart contracts (Marketplace, Advertiser Exchange, Content Rewards).

Pro Wallet — The Pro Wallet allows users to transfer their BLA Tokens outside BLABBER (trading at external exchanges, acting as delegates, etc.). Before a user can convert from a Standard Wallet to a Pro Wallet, the user must have staked (held) a certain amount of BLA Tokens. The conversion of a Standard Wallet into a Pro Wallet is subject to a nominal fee which may be paid directly with BLA.

BLA Token Ecosystem:

The BLA Token is the required vehicle to reward and incentivize users.  Users can ‘stake’ BLA Tokens and mine them through social activity.  The amount of BLA Tokens held will influence the rewards provided for activities.

The BLA Token will issue at $0.02 and trade initially on IDAX, later on other exchanges. Users can earn BLA Tokens for providing data to advertisers, sell mined tokens in the market, purchase products via the marketplace, or create community campaigns.

Use Cases:

  • Earn BLA Tokens through ‘Social Mining’, consumption of Advertising and social activities
  • Establish location based or group-based channels for specific communication needs
  • Create private channels for ‘Members only’ content
  • Offer products or services in defined marketplaces using cryptocurrency or FIAT transactions
  • Maintain custom wallet for redeemable actions
  • Participate in BLABBER’s Marketplace
  • Advertising Campaigns

Competitive Advantages:

The social media platform space is growing rapidly and in line with this comes competition. On the non-crypto side, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram represent the key players. From the crypto players there was only Steemit with a low function version, however on June1, block.one with its business unit EOS announced Voice, which is not yet available and claims to provide similar functions to BLABBER.

BLABBER prides itself on being the first to market with a real functioning product and intends to focus on rewarding its users while protecting their privacy.


Blabber shows an exciting roadmap. Worth noting is that BLABBER met each of its milestones since starting with the development in 2017.  With the team solidly growing along with the MVP, IOS and Android apps all being released throughout 2017-2019 the nearing launch is well planned. Over the rest of the 2019 year the Social Mining Protocol, Marketplace and Advertising platform will be released and each update increasing the use cases of the BLABBER ecosystem. (See roadmap details on the website here.)

BLABBER’s CEO Michael Freund, who ran his own web development company prior to founding BLABBER in 2016, summarizes BLABBER’s product strategy: “Based on the EOS Blockchain we reward users for their participation in social media activities while respecting their privacy. Everything a user can do on Facebook or Instagram, is also possible with BLABBER. Our product is the first to market this radically different concept of rewarding users for consuming ads and it is ready for use today, certified in the Apple and Android App stores and proven in a variety of applications. Our BLA Token Pre-Sale event was sold out within 5 days, Public-Sale starts June 21st / 22nd with IDAX. Our goal is to disrupt today’s social media world within the next 12 months.“

IEO/Token Distribution:

The IEO is going to be held on IDAX on June 21st, 2019 10am UTC. The total supply is 40m BLA and the hard cap is $800k. The price will initially be $0.02 USD. The initial circulating supply represents 6% of BLA Tokens.

Below is the breakdown of the token distribution for BLA:

35 % Social Mining Allocation that Users can mine through social activity.
7,75 % Token Distribution Distribution takes place in one private round and one public round.
3 % Advisors Reserved for remuneration of advisors.
15 % Team Reserved for remuneration of the team.
5 % Brand Ambassadors Reserved for remuneration of brand ambassadors.
9,25 % Reserve Covering any additional cost to secure the company’s liquidity.
25 % Marketing Used for the future growth of the platform.


Mobile App:

The BLABBER mobile app can show where the next event is taking place, reveal new connections to like-minded people in a certain location, or suggest where to find the next crypto meetup nearby. BLABBER offers many different features, but they are all based on one common aspect – Location. Download the app on iOS and Android to check out these cool features.

Learn More and Download the App!


iOS App

Android App



For reference please contact: Michael Gaida, [email protected]

BLABBER Explainer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwMLip9DqcI


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