May and June Strategy for Crypto Gem Hunting

Since its inception, Altcoin Buzz Alpha has grown from strength to strength! We can proudly say that we are now the Foremost Premium Alpha Crypto Group.

We are getting rave reviews regarding our offerings. In this article, we’ll tell how we are detecting low-cap gems in May and June.

100+ Alpha Calls per month

Every month we provide 100+ Alpha calls. This has been hugely beneficial to our members as they can pick and choose from Folders on what they want to focus on. Here’s a glimpse of our footprint last month.

May and June Strategy for Crypto Gem Hunting

Gem Hunting and Our Expertise

We have some of the best gem hunters on our Team. As a result, we have a bigger spread and now have Gems in all the Top Narratives (and expanding on the same).

We have to keep in mind that crypto moves by narratives, and we need to keep all our bases covered. This is over and above our standard portfolio holdings.

Balancing Risks

That’s not all, our Gems are customized for different Risk appetites. You can choose your segment based on Market Cap. This means that you can choose your risk (and thus the multipliers).

The May (and June) Strategy

A crypto portfolio can not stay stagnant. We have a few months, realistically, but we have to take opportunities as they come. With this, we present our May (and June) strategy:

  • DCA into Gems – We have recently provided DCA Levels of our Holdings. We will DCA into a few in the coming days.
  • Gems: Many Gems are at a discount in this market. However, we will need to get into gems with the right narratives. By now, we are heavy on Roll-Ups, AI, Gaming, and RWA. We are a bit thin on BTC and DePIN narratives. We have a great pipeline of Gems that we will leverage.
  • Get rid of non-performing alts – We will further get rid of the few non-performing alts (or reduce exposure) and also book profits on certain coins that we obtained in IDOs.
  • Relax a bit on Airdrops – The Airdrop hype is low now. We will reduce the amount of effort spent on Airdrops. We will hand-select airdrops henceforth.
  • DeFi: We have farmed the Restaking and Rollup narrative quite a bit. We will be razor-sharp now and in consolidation mode.
  • Large Caps: Reshuffling between large caps is essential. We will make a few changes among Large Caps.
  • Mid Caps: Many mid-caps are at a discount. While we tag Low Caps for 100x potential, some mid caps have the same, too. Let’s say a mid-cap with a 200M Market Cap goes to 20Bn in the bull market. Possible!
  • IDOs: IDOs will be essential. 70% of the IDOs are poor projects, but you just need 1 good IDO a month. 2-3 is a Bonus. That’s where we come in with our Research.
  • Sales: Many good projects will launch soon. We will try to get into them. We have created a tab called Alpha in our Portfolio Master Sheet. You first need to subscribe to Altcoin Buzz Alpha to get access to it.

What Will You Get from Altcoin Buzz Alpha?

We provide 360-degree coverage for crypto Alpha. We top it up with a Member Only Secret Document revealing all our Trade secrets.

This is at a basic price of $15 per month. We have provided more than 500x the value of a monthly subscription. Remember, a yearly subscription can give you 1 month free!

Disclaimer! Altcoin Buzz Alpha does not provide financial advice. We bring you the best opportunities in the ecosystem so you can make timely decisions.



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