LunarCrush Unveils AI-Driven Web3 Platform for Creators

LunarCrush recently revealed the launch of a platform for creators, LunarCrush Earn.

LunarCrush Earn is an opportunity for creators to earn from their creative prowess. Let’s explore more about it.

New Revenue Stream for Crypto Influencers

The platform helps you get clear insights into the crypto market. It does this by analyzing social data and crypto market trends across many platforms. To leverage the impact of social media content, LunarCrush recently unveiled LunarCrush Earn. It is a platform that allows creators to monetize their content on the platform.

Now, we are seeing that there are many micro-influencers on social media. They are content creators with few followers but high engagement and Gen Z users find their content exciting. This is why big brands are collaborating with micro-influencers and Lunarcrush wants to give influencers a new way to monetize their content. 

This is how it works:

  • The brands connect with influencers and ask them to run a campaign.
  • The influencer runs a campaign. A campaign is successful when its metrics get a high performance.
  • The influencer gets paid.
More About LunarCrush Earn

The CEO, Joe Vezzani, also expressed enthusiasm about the launch. He said, ‘We’re excited to introduce LunarCrush Earn. It is a platform that integrates social media, AI, and Web3. LunarCrush Earn gives brands genuine access to quality engagement. It is a game changer.’

Also, the platform partnered with Origin Protocol, ALEX, Veracity, API3, and Carbon Browser. These partnerships will increase Lunar’s reach and produce positive results through influencer campaigns.

The platform targets campaigns and ensures the content reaches the right audience. 

Joe Grech, API3 marketer, testifies about the reliability of this new feature. He said: “We are happy about this partnership. LunarCrush Earn’s data helps us increase our engagement reach.’

So, what’s the reward for influencers? LunarCrush Earn rewards Influencers with its token, $LUNR



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