The dip has given us opportunities that we will need to carefully select.

This might be our last opportunity before a proper bull run. Let’s discover more about how to face this market properly.

Key Strategies and Guidelines for Navigating This Market

The 2020 BTC Halving happened in May 2020. Post that there has been a steady increase in BTC Price before it went parabolic in October.

Source: Coingecko

Realistically, we have a few months, but we have to take opportunities as they come. With this, we present our May (and June) strategy:

  • DCA into Gems – As per our latest DCA Levels, many of our coins are well within the DCA Levels. It makes sense to get into the high-conviction ones. We will also DCA into a few in the coming days.
  • Get rid of non-performing alts – We will further get rid of non-performing (or reduce exposure) altcoins and also book profits on certain coins that we obtained in IDOs. Lucking this will amount to only a few. Most of the recent buys that have dipped are high-conviction ones and we will continue to Hold them. Details in the coming days.
  • Relax a bit on Airdrops – The Airdrop hype is low now, it seems it will be valued a bit. Saying that we will reduce the amount of effort spent on Airdrops. We will hand-select airdrops henceforth.


  • DeFi: We have farmed the Restaking and Rollup narrative quite a bit. We would like to move on now.
  • Gems: Many Gems are at a discount in this market. However, we will need to get into gems with the right narratives. By now, we are heavy on Roll-Ups, AI, Gaming, and RWA. We are a bit thin on BTC and DePin narratives. We will be looking into Gems in these sectors.
  • Mid Caps: Many mid-caps are at a discount. While we tag Low Caps for 100x potential, some mid caps have the same too. Let’s say a mid-cap with a 200M Market Cap goes to 20Bn in the bull market. Possible. We are monitoring a few of these.
  • Sales: Many good projects will launch soon. We will try to get into them. It is also recommended that you build up your Coinlist Karma points. It might help you later. Also, use your spare USDT in Binance Launchpools. Over all the sales market will be ripe.



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