Since the launch of Edu3labs at the beginning of 2024, the platform has been fulfilling its ambitious roadmap.

From the NFE marketplace, Edu3Games, Layerdapp, and its NFE token. All these initiatives are part of a plan for Edu3Labs to lead the web3 education sector powered by artificial intelligence. In this article, we will give more details about AI University, and its latest development.

Edu3Labs: Pioneering AI-Powered Web3 Education with AI University

Professionalizing the use of artificial intelligence in education brings good results. 3 months after launching the NFE token, it already has a $35.8 million market cap. That’s why Edu3labs decided to build a new platform. This will further improve the way AI and blockchain technology help people educate themselves.

AI University is in the testing stage and anyone can use it. Currently, there are 4 courses at AI University: Marketing, Mental Health, blockchain and finance. In each of them, you can ask questions and get more accurate answers than you would with ChatGPT or any AI app. If you use the platform now you can take part in a contest to win $100,000 in prizes. In the tweet below there is more information

Using technologies such as AI and blockchain will explode in the education sector. By 2032, these initiatives will likely accumulate a market of $400 billion. That is why Edu3Labs wants to continue leading in this field and boost the impact of web3 education. The opportunities are enormous. Plus, the project is way out in front of any potential competition.

Edu3Labs Joins ‘Blockchain For Good’ to Expand Impact Beyond Education

The application of cutting-edge technologies will indeed continue to help many to educate themselves. But, that is only part of the gigantic impact they can have on other sectors of society. That is why Edu3labs decided to join Blockchain For Good. This initiative was created to empower the use of blockchain technology worldwide. That’s including from entrepreneurs, investors, developers, advisors, etc.

Blockchain For Good has important partners such as Aptos, Bybit, Solana, among others.

Edu3labs is aware that the web3 education revolution deserves an industry-wide effort. That is why it promotes events such as IERFM (The Economic Research and Financial Markets Congress). This will allow to boost the union of traditional education with web3 and prepare it for the massive adoption that’s coming.



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