Major US Banks Test Blockchain for Dollar-Based Asset Settlements

This initiative, outlined in a recent Bloomberg report, marks a significant stride toward modernizing financial processes.

According to Bloomberg, It aims to streamline operations using digital ledger technologies. Let’s explore more about this important news for US banks.

Digital Ledger Technology Modernizes Financial Processes

The collaborative effort, known as the Regulated Settlement Network proof-of-concept, aims to explore the potential of blockchain and similar technologies. It aims to transform the handling of financial transactions, especially those involving commercial bank money and investment-grade debt securities.

This initiative seeks to modernize and streamline transaction processes in the financial sector. By tokenizing these assets, the participating banks hope to achieve more efficient, secure, and faster settlements.

Tokenization involves converting rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain or similar decentralized database. This digital representation can then be easily and securely traded, often with reduced transaction times and costs, while maintaining a clear audit trail that could enhance transparency and compliance.

More About the Regulated Settlement Network

The immediate goal of the Regulated Settlement Network is to simulate dollar transactions to gauge the effectiveness, efficiency, and security of blockchain technology in real-world financial operations. The broader implications include potentially revolutionizing cross-border transactions and inter-system movements of funds. By reducing the time and errors associated with these processes, tokenized settlements could offer significant improvements over traditional methods.

These tests also build on earlier explorations into digital ledger technology by these institutions. A 12-week trial initiated in 2022 focused on cross-border and interbank payments, setting the stage for this more advanced and focused exploration of tokenized asset settlements.



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