EigenLayer to Launch Native Token with Airdrop for Stakers

EigenLayer will reward its community and boost participation by accompanying its launch with an airdrop for platform stakers.

This highlights its commitment to fostering a robust user base and decentralized network. Let’s discover more about this important news for Eigenlayer.

EigenLayer Rewards Stakers with Launch Airdrop

The forthcoming native token is poised to play a crucial role in EigenLayer’s ecosystem. Of the total token supply, 45% will be allocated to community initiatives and the broader development of the ecosystem.

EigenLayer’s native token enhances platform utility by allowing holders to partake in governance, secure the network, and access unique services. The tokens will incentivize behaviors like staking that contribute to the platform’s health and stability.

By targeting platform stakers for the airdrop, EigenLayer is effectively rewarding those who have a demonstrated commitment to the network’s success. This distribution method ensures tokens go to supporters likely to positively impact the platform’s growth and governance. It seeks to prevent possession by speculative traders.

More About EIGEN

According to a blog post, EigenLayer introduces EIGEN a novel approach to token forking. It has four distinctive features:

  • First, EIGEN’s universality aspect establishes it as a universal intersubjective token, designed during its Setup phase to address intersubjective faults. It can handle issues across any Application-Specific Virtual State (AVS) by forking and slashing EIGEN stakers.
  • Second, its isolation feature recognizes the need for forking capabilities while minimizing externalities on all users and applications by making them fork-aware.
  • Third, the metering feature adds a layer of security by requiring a bond deposit for any intersubjective challenge, deterring malicious forks by imposing a cost to the social consensus when switching tokens.
  • Lastly, the compensation mechanism ensures that if an AVS is compromised by a malicious quorum of EIGEN stakers, the protocol allows for slashing and redistributing the malicious stakes back to the affected AVS users, maintaining fairness and protecting investments.



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