Revolut Introduces Revolut X for Advanced Crypto Trading

This strategic move places Revolut in direct competition with other leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Revolut X is specifically designed ‘for Pros,’ indicating its focus on advanced traders. The platform caters to those with a solid understanding of cryptocurrency markets and trading strategies.

Revolut X: Tailored for the Seasoned Crypto Trader

The introduction of Revolut X was highlighted by a promotional banner in the Crypto section of the existing Revolut app. Signaling its availability and encouraging users to explore its features. The platform promises a robust set of tools that are typically favored by seasoned traders, including instant on & off ramp, 0% – 0.9% taker fees, and a secure platform. Such features are essential for making informed trading decisions in the fast-paced crypto market.

Revolut’s venture into this sector follows a trend of fintech companies expanding their services to include more specialized financial products. By developing Revolut X, the company not only broadens its service portfolio but also taps into the lucrative market of professional trading, which demands more sophisticated and dynamic trading environments.

The launch targets rising interest and trading volumes in the crypto market. Revolut’s established user base of 40 million might provide it with a significant advantage, as it can leverage existing customer relationships to encourage the adoption of the new platform. Additionally, Revolut’s reputation for security and compliance adds a layer of trust that is crucial in the crypto trading space.

More About Revolut

Revolut is revolutionizing banking adoption with its innovative approach to accessing financial services. Now, obtaining a Revolut debit card is as simple as visiting a vending machine at the airport. Travelers can quickly pick up a card, activate their account through the Revolut app, and start using their new banking facilities immediately.

This seamless integration of technology and convenience not only caters to the needs of modern consumers but also significantly enhances the ease with which people can manage their finances while on the go.



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