Sui zkLogin Adds Apple Support and Multi-Sig Recovery

Sui’s zkLogin evolves with new multi-signature recovery and Apple account support.

These updates expand user options and introduce a robust new method for account recovery. This is particularly useful if the zkLogin credential issuer or the application becomes inactive.

zkLogin Updates Enhance User Options and Recovery Methods

zkLogin, powered by Sui’s cryptographic flexibility, allows developers to incorporate social logins into their applications. This system simplifies the user experience by enabling the creation of a Sui address. It utilizes existing accounts from major service providers like Google, Facebook, and now Apple. Using zero-knowledge proof technology, zkLogin ensures users don’t have to manage sensitive cryptographic material like private keys.

Originally supporting Google, Twitch, and Facebook at launch last year, zkLogin has now added Apple. This expansion greatly benefits users who prefer Apple’s ecosystem, especially iOS users. This integration makes it easier for iPhone applications to support Sui wallet creation, enhancing user accessibility and security.

The introduction of multi-signature (multi-sig) functionality marks a significant leap in account recovery options. Multi-sig allows for the creation of a wallet that is not solely dependent on the continued operation of the zkLogin credential issuer or the app itself. For instance, should an application be discontinued, users can employ an alternative private key to regain access to their wallets and securely transfer assets.

More About Sui

zkSend is now Stashed, a versatile web-based blockchain wallet that supports sending any asset on the Sui blockchain. Stashed enables users to easily store, send, and receive assets on Sui, enhancing the blockchain user experience.

By allowing users to create wallets using regular web accounts, such as Google and Twitch, Stashed simplifies the transition into blockchain interactions. Users can receive, hold, and send assets, as well as connect to various Sui applications directly through their wallets.

You can download the Sui wallet here.



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