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Trustpad Integrates Solana

TrustPad Integrates Solana Blockchain

Trustpad, the DeFi protocol known for helping projects safely and securely raise funds, is partnering with top blockchain Solana. According to an official Trustpad blog...
Top Solana Updates

Top Solana Updates | PayPal Exploring Solana Integration | Nov Week 3

This week, $SOL has suffered significant setbacks as its price went down by 11.5%. However, the token is still one of the most prominent...
Top Solana updates november Week 2

Top Solana Updates | Solana Integrates With Brave | Nov Week 2 (Part 1)

It was an outstanding week for the Solana ecosystem as the project inaugural conference successfully took place in Lisbon, Portugal. The Breakpoint Conference recorded...
Solana Monkey Business is Solana's #1 NFT Collection

Feature NFT Collection: Solana Monkey Business

They Look Similar to Every Pixelated Collection on ETH, so What Makes Them So Valuable? Solana Monkey Business is a collection of 5000 generated pfp...
Top Solana Updates Week 1 November

Top Updates From The Solana Ecosystem | SOL Surpasses ADA, USDT | November Week...

It was a booming week for the Solana network as the project's native token reached a new all-time high. Solana's ($SOL) price on November...
NFTrade & Solana Partnership

NFTrade Earns Grant from Solana

Solana is already the 2nd largest NFT ecosystem behind Ethereum. But Ethereum is far ahead right now. To grow their ecosystem, they are partnering...

First NFTs on Each Blockchain!

Today we look at the first NFTs minted on all the major blockchain platforms where NFTs live today. First, let's start with the leader,...
Top 5 Solana Projects

Solana’s Top Projects With The Highest Potential

Proof-of-stake blockchain Solana has been hitting milestones after milestones. Not only has the network surpassed 35 billion transactions, but its native $SOL token has...

The Killbox: A Blockchain FPS Experience

Genre: P2E The Killbox is a real-time P2E-PVP-FPS mobile game. You can face off against opponents in 6V6 real-time battles. And you get console-like movement...
Top Solana Updates october week 4

Top Solana Updates | Solana Attains Record TVL on DeFi | Oct Week 4...

It was a wonderful week for the Solana network as the project native token surged remarkably this week. $SOL price rallied by a whopping...