3 Sui Altcoin Gems Set To Explode

Here’s a chain that’s in the top 100 by market cap. However, for many, it has been flying under the radar. But you should start paying attention. Yes, I’m talking about Sui. It has all the potential to move up in that top 100.

It has a growing ecosystem that covers plenty of major verticals. Its main focus is on gaming, but it also covers RWA, DePIN, and DeFi. Just to name a few of these verticals. So, that’s why today, I am going to take a closer look at 3 top projects on Sui.

1) Sudo Finance

With Sudo Finance, we’re entering the DeFi space. More specifically, Sudo Finance allows you to trade in RWA (real-world assets) derivatives. As the word DeFi already implies, it’s a decentralized platform for trading synthetics. 

Sudo’s synthetics are real-world assets but tokenized. However, Sudo gives you access to first-class assets. For example, as in stocks or commodities. Now, keep in mind that a synth mimics the underlying asset. In other words, you don’t own the real asset, but a wrapped on-chain representation of it. Like Tesla or NVDA.

Furthermore, Sudo also offers leverage trading for synthetics. Up to 25x. Leverage allows you to borrow funds and trade with it. Leverage can also multiply your earnings if your trade succeeds. However, it also multiplies your losses, if your trade wasn’t successful. 5A So, be careful when trading with leverage. Make sure that you understand what you are doing. As a bonus, though, Sudo has zero slippage.

So, synthetics allow you to take positions, but you don’t have to buy the original asset. Or sell it. To make sure that the protocol is always up to date, it uses an oracle. Since blockchains can’t communicate with the outside world, they use oracles. Sudo uses Pyth as an oracle. Pyth specializes in financial data and offers fast and frequent updates.

In case you become a liquidity provider on Sudo, you earn a share of the fees. You can provide $SUI, $USDC or $USDT. In return, you receive $SLP. This token represents your share of a liquidity pool on Sudo. It’s the liquidity provider token. Not to be confused with the in-game token for Axie Infinity also called $SLP.

Sudo Finance is 22nd on the Sui chain, measured by TVL. However, the way RWAs are developing, it should do well. Because Sudo works with synthetics, it has limited trading hours. This also affects minting or withdrawing $SLP.

2) Karrier One

DePIN is also in Sui’s line-up. Karrier One introduces a new mobile network. This allows you to create connectivity where you need it. It’s establishing a 5G network infrastructure. This is community-owned and is commercial grade. This also makes it the first network in the world with this setup.  As a result, anyone can connect. For example:

  • Individuals.
  • Communities. 
  • Businesses.

They can do this in two different ways. You can provide services to other network carriers, and your own private user base. Karrier One does this by combining licensed and unlicensed radio spectrum. It is creating a new form of a global telecommunications layer. What makes this interesting is that you as a consumer can be wearing two different hats. You can be the service provider and at the same time also be a stakeholder.

Karrier One offers a fast and secure service based on low tariffs and fair pricing. This way it wants to break monopolies of the centralized wireless infrastructure. Karrier One wants to aim its services to underserved communities. For example, the Six Nation’s Reserve in Canada. 

17% of the Canadian population lives in rural areas. In the US, that’s 14%. There’s no reliable connectivity in these areas. Even if there is, it will be expensive. For example, the US has the most expensive mobile data in the world. 

So, if I take that a step further, one-third of the world’s population is not connected. So, Karrier One has plenty of areas to work in. There will also be a native token, $KONE. That’s part of the KONE DAO. In due time, if you stake $KONE, you can take part in governance. It will also be used for payments in the ecosystem, for gas fees, and as a reward.

3) Fallen Arena

Sui’s main focus is on gaming. So, I will take a closer look at Fallen Arena. This is part of the E4C gaming series by Ambrus Studios. You can use all in-game assets, in the form of NFTs, in the follow-up game, Final Salvation. However, that’s still under development.

Fallen Arena is a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. It’s set in the year 2100. The game has E4C Rangers, as NFTs, that combat environmental deterioration. The human race is about to become extinct, but the Rangers come to the rescue. The earth’s temperature rose by 4C. Hence, the name, E4C (Earth 4 Degrees Celsius).

Currently, we’re in series 5 of the E4C Rangers, Nana’s. Unfortunately, they’re sold out already. So, if you want one, you need to get one on a secondary marketplace. Holding a Ranger gives you various perks. For example:

  • Access to the $E4C governance token.  
  • Receive airdrops for in-game assets.
  • Join a private club and receive whitelists for future projects.

So, this is all a lead-up to the follow-up game, Final Salvation. This is a 3V3 mobile MOBA. So, get involved in Fallen Arena and collect as many NFTs and in-game assets as you can now. This will set you up for a great start in Final Salvation.

So, tell me, are you already active on Sui? If so, in which sector, DeFi, gaming, NFTs, or anything else? And what is your favorite Sui protocol? Let me know in the comments.      Coins


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