Top altcoin gems

With the current world in turmoil, the markets are following suit. Still, there are coins and tokens out there that are well worth looking into. Even with the current market position, it is possible to find some gems out there.

Today, we will give you a better idea about some of these Altcoin Gems projects that may give you those 100x gains once the market finds a way up again.

Portfolio Strategy

Nowadays, our portfolio looks like this. We split it into 2 parts:

  1. HODL PORTFOLIO – Coins that we HODL.
  2. TRADING PORTFOLIO – Coins that we trade.

The ratios can vary from 60:40 to 70:30, pending if you look for short-term, medium-term, or long-term trades. Your trading portfolio is where it all happens. This will help you form a strategy.

Therefore, you need to be aware of which Altcoins are about to pump, so you can be ahead of the game. And which coins are more a short-term gain, so you can add them to your portfolio at the best possible moment. This strategy has worked really well for us over the years. We were able to dig up many gems that performed well with up to 100x gains after we singled them out.

As a result, today we have 5 new tokens that took our liking. Some are old friends that are already part of our portfolio, but we are buying more of them, others are fairly new in the market. Let’s have a look.

1. Efinity

Efinity is built by Enjin. Enjin has been around since 2009 and its worldwide network has over 20 million gamers. The Enjin ecosystem is huge and allows everybody to buy, sell and distribute NFTs. 


Source: Efinity

Also, Enjin built Efinity as the cross-chain token highway that can accommodate any NFT from any blockchain. That is a remarkable feature because all these NFTs on all these blockchains speak a different language. Efinity managed to handle this.

This makes Efinity a real superhighway for NFTs and makes it a next-generation blockchain for NFTs. We identified Efinity way back in June 2021 just before its massive price rally in August 2021. If Efinity has gotten you interested check out our deep dive video.

Currently, they are on the Polkadot Rococo testnet, but they will be onboarding on the Polkadot network as a parachain on March 11.

More About Efinity

Moreover, we all know going live as a Polkadot parachain means a lot for price action. We recently witnessed a massive price pump in Moonbeam’s GLMR token when Moonbeam went live on the Polkadot network on 11 Jan 2022. Interoperability and cross-chain are expected to take center stage in 2022 so Efinity seems to be set for a major rally.


Also, one of the pluses for Efinity is that they are environmentally friendly. Other great points include their scalability, fast, and offer cheap transaction fees. Later this year, they will also launch their NFT marketplace,

Efinity Tokenomics

According to CoinMarketCap, EFI, the native token of Efinity, its Market Rank is 456. Its circulating and total supply is 168.9 million and 2 billion tokens. Also, EFI is currently trading at $0.3531 with a marketcap of $ 59.9 million. Its All-Time High: $3.15 in August 2021

Efinity is under our radar for some reasons:

  1. Their Mainnet is set to go live on 11th March when they onboard as a Polkadot parachain.
  2. Working on NFT multi-asset pallets.
  3. Their work on the parachain transaction fees. They will be as low as 2.5% or free on Jumpnet.
  4. The vesting of the crowdloan rewards. Close to 7.7 million DOT were contributed towards the crowdloan. Each contributor will receive 26 EFI per DOT. That is a total of 200 million EFI to be distributed linearly throughout the 96 weeks.
2) Cosmos

As you may know, Cosmos bridges various blockchains and is called the internet of blockchains. Cosmos is a layer 1 protocol with a PoS consensus mechanism. Therefore, staking in the Cosmos ecosystem comes as second nature. 

Cosmos blockchain

Source: Cosmos

Also, Cosmos is now coming up with Version 1 of  Liquid Staking which will be directly integrated into the Cosmos SDK. This will open up a realm of DeFi possibilities, allowing holders to maximize their ATOM while still earning staking rewards.

For example Osmosis, a DEX and one of the 36 blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem,  comes with superfluid staking. Also, Cosmos and Osmosis token holders can add their tokens to a liquidity pool on the Osmosis AMM, and at the same time stake their LP tokens. This way they earn double rewards. 

Besides adding liquidity, users also help to secure the network. This will first be available for the ATOM/OSMO pool, but eventually, the complete Cosmos ecosystem can join. 

More About Cosmos

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (ICB) connects all Cosmos blockchains.

With the ICB, dApps can create blockchains known as ‘zones’. A superfluid staking advantage is that smaller zones on Cosmos are not left out. They can offer higher yields as an incentive for investors without affecting security. 

Moreover, liquidity of LP tokens is directly put back into the system, this strengthens the security of the platform. Therefore, if you like to know more about Cosmos ATOM, have a look at our recent video about Cosmos ATOM.

Cosmos Tokenomics

ATOM, the native token of Cosmos, is the #20 ranked coin in the market with a market cap of $8.2 billion.  Also, its circulating supply is 289.5 million with an infinite maximum supply.

Moreover, the price of ATOM is $28.44, and it’s All-Time High: $44.45 in January 2022. One nice thing that puts Cosmos ATOM once again under our radar is that they already show green candles for two weeks. Since the Russia-Ukrainian conflict started.


EVMOS is a blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. It has all the Cosmos bells and whistles, built with the Cosmos SDK, on top of Tendermint, and has IBC. Also, EVMOS is compatible with Ethereum’s EVM and is considered to be an Ethereum copy that is built and runs on Cosmos. This makes EVMOS the entry point from Ethereum to the exploding Cosmos ecosystem.


On March 2nd, EVMOS launched its mainnet after rescheduling this from 28th February. But now it seems EVMOS has run into some issues and the chain has been halted for 24-48 hrs. 

But with a cleverly designed airdrop, novel tokenomics, and cross-chain compatibility, the latest EVM-compatible environment may quickly rank among the most popular once it overcomes its teething issues. After all, we must agree that what they are trying to achieve is not easy. 

Moreover, to keep the EVMOS community happy, the token amount of their REKTDROP was already increased by an additional 20 million tokens, bringing the total allocation to its “rektdrop” to 100 million tokens.

More About EVMOS

The Rektdrop seems to be the coolest, most fair, and newest airdrop mechanism yet:

  • They use a new gas drop mechanism
  • It involves the most number of chains and apps in an airdrop ever
  • By airdropping they bridge users
  • People who got rugged or fallen victim of exploits for selective Ethereum events get rewarded. Including the first Cosmos exploit victims of Thorchain.

There are no further Tokenomics details for the EVMOS token available at this moment. The token is not yet available for trading on any exchange. EVMOS will be used for staking, governance, gas consumption on the EVM.

Also, EVMOS is under our radar because they are starting out in the Cosmos ecosystem with their mainnet. Being the port-of-entry for Ethereum to the Cosmos ecosystem gives weight to the project. 

If you missed EVMOS airdrop, don’t fret, the COSMOS ecosystem has lots of potential airdrops happening. Check out our latest airdrop video so that you don’t miss some of the best ones out there.

4) Elrond

Elrond is a fast, secure, and highly scalable blockchain. It is a well-established blockchain whose roadmap leads all the way into 2023. First, we take a look at what is happening this month.


Source: Elrond

Also, Elrond’s staking is moving from phase 3.5 to phase 4. This will be implemented towards the end of the month. And this adds a few new components:

  • It enables slashing
  • The remaining Elrond Foundational nodes will be completely decommissioned
  • More third-party providers can offer their services.

At the same time, on-chain governance will be added. This allows network members to give direction to the protocol’s future by voting on important protocol modifications.

Elrond Tokenomics

According to Coingecko, EGLD, the native token of Elrond, has a circulating and total supply of 21.9 million and 23.3 million, respectively. Also, EGLD is currently trading at $134.45.Its All time High: $545.64 in November 2021 and a marketcap of $2.9 billion.

New updated staking options and governance as a whole are under the radar. A more active role for network participants becomes available.

5) Rune

Last on our list is THORChain’s Rune. THORChain went through some rough spells, with hacks playing a role that led to fading interest. Now they seem to be back on all their 4s again. The RUNE token almost doubled in price during the last 2 weeks. A 70% surge during the current world situation is something to show for.

Rune Token

Source: Thorchain

Two events are helping THORChain at this moment are:

  • Their long awaited mainnet launch
  • Integration with Terra

Moreover, the mainnet launch was in the making from 2021. Finally, it is about to happen. The mainnet will launch with a hard fork, leaving the current blockchain behind. In the meantime, BTC and LTC will be removed from the chain.

In addition, the integration with Terra brings LUNA into play. More trading and staking options become available. Also, LUNA saw a steady surge during the last 2 weeks. 

Rune Tokenomics

Nowadays, RUNE is in the Market Rank #68 with a circulating and total supply of 300 and 500 million, respectively. Also, the price of RUNE is $4.33 with an All-Time High: $20.87 in May 2021.

In addition, RUNE is under the radar for a couple of reasons:

  • Mainnet launch
  • Integration with Terra

Another reason is high staking yields bringing in new blood. Investors are attracted to 55% yield options on BUSD or 30% on DAI.


And these are our 5 under radar projects. They cover lots of different parts of the crypto economy too like:

  • A superhighway for NFTs with Efinity
  • Superfluid staking with Osmosis in the Cosmos ecosystem
  • The launching of the EVMOS mainnet ends its token with the Rektdrop.
  • Staking on Elrond enters a new phase and on-chain governance is added

And we have some projects which are making a nice recovery, like RUNE, which saw a 70% surge during the last two weeks.

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