The BIGGEST China + AI Crypto

Unbelievable! How could I do this? Let me explain, I released a Top 5 China Crypto video yesterday. The good news is that it has gone viral! But I made a big mistake in the video. I missed mentioning one of the most important China-linked projects that have all the bullish narratives for the coming bull run. 

It has an AI narrative +  privacy narrative + POS narrative and now the China narrative too. Undoubtedly, this project is about to turn unstoppable. So I am correcting my mistake today and sharing with you all the reasons why I and even Binance is bullish on this AI crypto project. Let’s dive into Oasis Network!

What is Oasis Network? 

Before I get into all the reasons why Oasis Network is a super high-potential project. Let me very briefly and simply explain the project to you. 

Oasis is a layer 1 blockchain like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But it is focused on privacy. That means it enables developers to create privacy-focused applications. How does it achieve that? It separates the execution of smart contracts from the consensus mechanism process.

oasis review

Source: Twitter

It offers a safe design with high throughput at a low cost. That means cheaper transactions at faster speeds. So, the technology of the project is so sound that when Binance came to know about Oasis Network, they came to the project. That was Oasis Network founder Dawn Song speaking about their long-standing relationship with Binance. 

In fact, some researchers claim that in April 2023, Binance added another 24M ($1.5M) $ROSE to their reserves. So, if you want to take a look at why this could be a Binance-held wallet. Binance now owns almost 2.2B of the 5.7B circulating supply of Rose. That’s interesting because that means in the last 18 months, Binance has increased its $ROSE holding by 4x. Even Grayscale has recently added $ROSE as an asset under consideration 

Oasis Network – Strongest Bullrun Narratives

The Oasis Network heavily focuses on privacy. As we know, privacy is a big deal. Oasis addresses the privacy issues posed by AI. Privacy isn’t one of AI’s best features. But Oasis leverages the resources of its partners and its infrastructure. And provides privacy-based solutions. In a nutshell, Oasis is focused on offering Web3 a privacy layer.

oasis network review

Source: Twitter

That is one of the reasons why we see Oasis having some of the biggest partnerships with the mainstream players. For example, the Oasis Network has a partnership with:

  • Meta.
  • Google.
  • Binance.
  • BMW.
  • BSN. (China’s government-backed Blockchain Service network)
  • Linux.
  • Conflux Network. This is the only project approved by the Chinese Govt. and holds a partnership with Instagram of China and China Tele Global.

At this point, you might question if all is so good with the project that it has already pumped to a good price level. Will it go any further? I have 1 strong reason to believe that ROSE is ready to explode anytime soon. I will explain that in the next section.  

Why Oasis Could Trend?

We all know there’s a lot of hype around AI right now. But AI could be risky if it violates users’ privacy. And provide false information. That’s what Oasis intends to fix. Therefore, Oasis plans to solve the possible privacy challenges of AI. This way, AI becomes more ethical and safe.

oasis network review

Source: Twitter

The bet on Oasis is that lots of developers are going to use this platform for its privacy features. The bigger the crowd, the more value $ROSE gets. Here is what the current Oasis Network ecosystem looks like at present. 

ROSE is the native token of the Oasis network. It is used for transactions, staking, and delegation. At the time of writing this article, ROSE trades at $0.0535. As the ecosystem grows, the usage of $ROSE will increase and we will see a huge surge in its price.

ROSE Accumulation

$ROSE has been in the accumulation zone for over 1 year now. Fundamentals are strong, only the lack of dApps is holding back the price surge. With the Hong Kong Retail investors, Chinese institutions, and AI app boom coming in I expect developers to rush to Oasis Network to build more dApps. So the breakout is imminent. 

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