Sports and Esports with RankingBall

Sports have been around for countless centuries and have amassed over 10 billion fans to date. Esports has been increasingly popular over the years and isn’t slowing down. Blockchain games have been around for some years and it is picking up the pace.

If you are into sports and Esports, here is a blockchain gaming platform for you to enjoy your favorite streams while getting involved as well.

What is Rankingball?

Rankingball is a platform where users can play games and watch live sports simultaneously. It provides streams for Major North American sports league such as MLB, NFL, NBA; European sports league such as EPL, LA LIGA; and Esports games such as League of Legends.

Games in Rankingball offer a play-by-play strategy prediction game design, similar to Bingo, which is highly popular in North America and Europe. Basically it quantifies real-time events that occur and reflect them in a scoring system.

Rankingball’s 2020 eSports service is now LIVE. There will be streams for all the upcoming League of Legends (LOL) games so if you are a fan watch out for this space. You will be able to support your favorite teams, interact with other users and also play games.

How to play?

To get started, you will need to sign up on Rankingball. There is also an app for Rankingball which is available on both IOS and Android app stores.

Once you are done with the account set up, here is a simple tutorial to get you started.

What’s the catch?

By participating in various Rankingball games, you will be able to earn GDC (Global Digital Content) token. There are many things you can do with GDC. For example, you can trade them on exchanges such as Coinbene, Kyber Network and you can use it to purchase game money cards, digital gift cards, mobile top-ups, and other retail products from Keen Wallet.

We’re in a changing world where we no longer need to remain as viewers and we can get involved and monetize doing what we love.

Events and updates

  • LOL is back on Rankingball.
  • Rankinball Valentine’s Day Event (Feb 14th ~ Feb 21th). Got a secret crush? Share your story and earn a Godiva E-Gift Card.
  • Twitter contest – “Do you have a secret “man” crush on any NBA player this season?”
    Reply and retweet the tweet. The best 5 replies will receive Godiva E-GIFT Card and 3,000 GDC.

In 2019, had 63,002 new users signed up, held 77,365 game contests, and more than 240,427 users participated in the game contests.

RBG is the previous name for GDC
  1. Carlobastianini from the Philippines won 2,145,065.
  2. Bigwin from Indonesia ranked won 1,167,304.
  3. Ohwow from the U.S. won 530,895.

Rankingball is one of the main channels for GDC holders. You can use GDC to play Rankingball games and even earn more GDC if you do well.

There are weekly events where you can earn many rewards and GDC so you haven’t missed out on anything. Let’s see who will top the rankings this year!

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