According to reports, Turkey has published a new economic roadmap this week which covers some points regarding blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies.

The roadmap is also known as Eleven Development Plan and covers a period of 4 years (2019-2023); a plan meant as guidance in bringing the country’s economy to the next level.

According to the article, Turkey’s central bank may create its own blockchain-based digital currency within the next few years. Turkey’s government is also interested in implementing blockchain technology in certain areas like transport and customs aspects.

Combining blockchain and artificial intelligence is another aspect in which Turkey is interested, however, there are no further details regarding this matter.

The first proposal regarding a state-backed cryptocurrency was made by Ahmet Kenan Tanrikul, the deputy chair of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party, and the country’s former Industry Minister.

The news regarding the development of a cryptocurrency by the central bank came in shortly after it was revealed that Turkey’s president fired Murat Cetinkaya, the bank’s governor.

There are plans to create a Regulatory Experiment area, an Association of Payment Services, Electronic Money Institutions, and the Istanbul Finance and Technology Base.

There are no further details about Turkey’s plan to implement Crypto, however, Turkey seems to be the first country that focuses pretty hard on the adoption of this great Technology at a national level.


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