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According to CoinGecko, the marketcap of USDC is currently at $50 billion with a 24-hour trading value of $2.8 billion. This decentralized stablecoin is the leading one in the entire ecosystem. 

Nowadays, USDC is available in Ethereum, Algorand, Solana, Stellar, TRON, Avalanche, among other blockchains. And now, this stablecoin will be launched on Flow blockchain, via Circle. Therefore, in this article, you will discover everything about the USDC Liquidity on Flow.

USDC is now Available on Flow Blockchain via Circle

Flow is the alternative blockchain developed by the creators of Crypto kitties, as there came a time when these famous NFTs made so many transactions that their fees in ethereum went through the roof.

From then on, Flow has built a very important ecosystem with more than 675 projects created by more than 5000 developers. The most famous project is NBA Top Shot, which has more than $90 million in NFT sales.

Therefore, Circle, a platform that helps digital businesses to improve their payments, has chosen this blockchain to provide USDC liquidity.

Moreover, Mik Naayem, co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Dapper Labs, said: “Millions of users will start using innovative DeFi products for the first time on Flow, where USDC will play a vital role.” He also mentioned that “USDC is the most trusted dollar digital currency and by making it available to all developers on Flow, it will continue to catalyze mainstream adoption of dApps.”

More About Circle and Flow

It’s important to mention that, with this integration, Circle will provide USDC to the different DeFi dapps in the Flow blockchain. Also, the native token of this chain, $FLOW, has $2.1 billion in marketcap and more than 318 million tokens as circulating supply.

Also, Circle lets cryptocurrencies leverage traditional payment methods from online businesses via blockchain technology. Therefore, from now on, this new USDC integration will make Flow’s DeFi dApps have a sustainable TVL based on USDC.

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