One thing crypto traders should pay attention to is Portfolio management. How do you manage your portfolio? By utilizing Portfolio management platforms. NFTBank revealed an upgrade that improves asset management in the Web3 gaming space. 

Let’s take a look at the extra features of this upgrade.

NFTBank unveils NFTBank V2 to improve how we manage our investments in NFTs and gaming. The recent improvement has many features, including asset control.

Features of NFTBank V2
NFT Investment Management

NFTBank V2 has high-tech tools for tracking NFT portfolios with precision. There are many types of  NFTs across crypto. But here’s the thing: you need tracking and valuation tools to manage your assets. These tools will give you insights into your investments’ performance.

NFTBank’s recent upgrade gives precise insights into improving your decision-making process. When you can track and manage your portfolio, you make informed decisions. The V2 offers portfolio management tools. With these tools, you can mint your own NFTs. You can also make bulk purchases and oversee transactions on secondary markets.

Improved connectivity 

Think of V2 as a digital platform where you can see all your NFTs. You can connect up to 3,000 wallets to NFTBank V2 with improved connectivity. With this upgrade, you can sell all your NFTs on one platform, even if you store them in different wallets. The improved connectivity will ease NFT traders’ stresses from bulk purchases and sales.

Here’s the catch: You can put your NFTs into different categories. Let’s say you own bored apes, CryptoPunks, and a game NFT. You can put all bored apes in one category and cryptopunks in another. Categorizing your NFTs will make managing your portfolio a lot easier. 

Easy-to-use tax management feature

Tax calculations are a challenging task. Imagine calculating taxes by visiting your five wallets; that’s stressful. To simplify tax management, NFTBank V2 integrates a simple tax management feature. NFTBank V2 has specific features that analyze your portfolio, so you don’t have to do it yourself. It tracks your transactions, giving accurate tax calculations based on asset performance. The tax management feature makes NFTBank V2 a remarkable platform for portfolio management.

NFTBank V2’s focus on Web3 Gaming Ecosystems

NFTBank V2 makes its way into Web3 gaming by working with Ethereum and Ronin blockchains. These two chains are active in the Web3 gaming sector. Ethereum and Ronin are the powerhouses of most Web3 games and NFT projects. Their active communities support the gaming and NFT sectors. NFTBank V2’s support for these chains proves it means business with the gaming and NFT space.

Top collaborations and support from top industry performers

NFTBank collaborated with Axie Infinity and League of Kingdoms. They are top industry performers with track records of causing a buzz in web3.

That’s not all. NFTBank is also supported by investors like Hashed, DCG, Sfermion, and 1kx. Dapper Labs, Sequoia Capital, and Bitkraft also support NFTBank. Looking at these collaborations and Investors, it is no news that NFTBank V2 will do way better. NFTBank V2 will provide tools for asset management in the Web3 gaming space.

NFTBank’s V2 upgrade manages assets, tracks your portfolios, and calculates taxes. As the gaming and NFT ecosystem improves, it is necessary to manage your assets. NFTBank V2 aims to help you manage your assets better.


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