Top Crypto Partnerships – May Week 1

Partnerships are one way to tell that a protocol is innovating and adding new ideas. We are reviewing recent partnerships in this article. Let’s dive deeper into what these partnerships mean for the Crypto community. 

Kima Network

Kima Network is a money transfer protocol. It supports interchain transactions. Kima uses native wallet accounts as liquidity pools. Kima Network is making transactions a lot more secure and efficient for users. It achieves this with its efficient liquidity management and transaction control.

Kima Network partnered with E-Money Network to bring some innovations for users. E-Money Network helps you transfer assets between the DeFi protocol and RWA platforms. E-Money allows for the lending and borrowing of digital assets. It also has a launchpad for bringing new projects to the spotlight.

The partnership between Kima and E-Money Network is significant. It brings together a community aiming to improve the future of finance.


TeleportDAO is a trustless bridge. The project focuses on the security of your transactions. Centralized validators can pose huge risks when you bridge. They use light clients to maintain security. They are more secure since they can only access some but not all blockchain data.

TeleportDAO improves cross-chain applications and interactions. It is a secure protocol that verifies data between blockchain networks. With TeleportDAO, you can access data from many blockchains.

TeleportDAO partnered with Leather BTC to improve wallet experiences. Leather BTC is a versatile wallet that offers 

  • Hardware wallet support.
  • Transparency.
  • Integration. 

In all this, Leather BTC still prioritizes user experience and security. This partnership will aid the seamless transfer of assets between many blockchains.

You can now use the Leather BTC wallet to exchange assets on TeleSwap. You can also trade BTC and BRC-20 tokens for ERC-20 tokens using the Leather BTC wallet on TeleSwap. Also, you can connect your wallet and start making trades.

Arcana Network

Arcana Network is a Modular Layer 1 blockchain. It boasts a product suite for easy DeFi transactions.

Arcana recently partnered with Polytrade to improve its user experience. Polytrade finance is changing the way financial systems interact. Polytrade is an economic system for users, borrowers, lenders, and investors. The platform has set a path in RWAs by launching a real-world asset (RWA) marketplace. It is set to shape the future of finance.

The partnership between Arcana and Polytrade is significant. It expands the use of different products for Arcana users. And the adoption of RWAs for Polytrade.

Laika AI

The AI narrative is still a top trend. Laika AI is the first Web3 on-chain Superapp with many outstanding features. These features include 

  • AI trading
  • token analysis
  • influencer analysis
  • and wallet analysis.

Laika AI has over 50,000 on-chain users, 15,000 daily users, 500,000 tokens scanned, and 50,000 downloads. Laika AI is useful in many areas like research. With Laika AI, you can get the best crypto feeds personalized to your preferences. Laika AI undergoes constant improvement and keeps its data models on-chain. 

Laika AI recently joined forces with Nesa, a platform that uses AI models. The partnership lets you control your data and privacy when you query the AI models. Nesa uses sharding plus privacy tech to maintain security and decentralization. the partnership will make working with on-chain AI agents easier and more secure

Elfin Kingdom

A lot is going on within the metaverse. And Elfin Kingdom plays a part in that. It is the first eSports and metaverse platform built in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Elfin offers a fun gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts.

There are exclusive offers for Elfin Landowners. That’s not all. There are also opportunities for the community. The project also offers massive support for game developers. Elfin is ready for bigger things. Like this new partnership, for instance. 

Elfin also partnered with Manta Network to improve Web3 gaming. The partnership brings zero-knowledge (Zk) capabilities into gaming. Manta Network is a modular Layer 2 solution to help scale games and other projects.

Our industry is always filled with innovations that keep it at the top. Partnerships are innovative approaches to increasing their reach in different crypto sectors. These five partnerships reflect the growth within crypto.



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