Sniper Incentivizes Ethereum-Solana NFT Bridge

The program specifically targets holders of DeGods NFTs, a popular collection widely recognized in the digital art space.

Under this initiative, DeGods NFT holders on Sniper’s leaderboard will earn exclusive airdrops and point multipliers. They can receive these rewards by choosing to bridge their assets from Ethereum to Solana.

Sniper Offers Exclusive Rewards for Top DeGods Holders

Sniper boosts platform engagement by encouraging DeGods NFT migration from Ethereum. This strategy leverages Solana’s lower transaction costs and faster processing times.

The incentive program is structured to reward the DeGods NFT holders based on their rankings on Sniper’s leaderboard. Participants in the bridging process will receive airdrops, including unique art, collectibles, and utility tokens. These tokens are usable within the Sniper ecosystem. Additionally, point multipliers will be awarded, significantly enhancing holders’ ability to participate in future drops and events.

This strategic push to integrate Ethereum-held NFTs into the Solana ecosystem highlights a broader shift in the NFT marketplace towards more fluid, cross-chain interactions. It recognizes the need for platforms to adapt to the evolving landscape where users seek more flexibility in how and where they can trade and leverage their digital assets.

More About Sniper

Sniper has become a prominent hub for digital collectibles, hosting an impressive collection of 57 DeGods and 76 y00ts. These collections are highly sought after in the NFT community. DeGods are known for their unique, randomly generated digital art, and y00ts for their culturally impactful designs.

Finally, Sniper provides a dynamic platform where enthusiasts and collectors come to trade and engage with these exclusive NFTs. This activity enhances the marketplace’s reputation as a leading destination for premium digital assets.



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