Top Crypto News: 09/04
Bitcoin reached a low of $49,706, and now it’s trading at $49,850. On the other hand, Ethereum is trading a little bit below $3,900.

Let’s examine some of the top crypto news stories for the day.

1 – Poolz Starts $2 Million Fund to Invest in Metaverse and NFT Gaming

Poolz is known as decentralized cross-chain platform that helps crypto projects in raising funds before listing. Their latest move is to establish a new fund to support metaverse and NFT gaming platforms. This goes together with the wishes of their community, who shows increased interest in this sphere.

The fund itself will invest in intriguing projects capable of transforming the industry. Two million dollars will be the much needed cash injection pushing new players on the horizon.

The co-founder of Poolz, Liam Cohen, is highly optimistic: “[Metaverses are] not just the future of games but also the future economy of the internet. The time is not far away when we get very close to the immersive metaverse like what we see in movies such as Ready Player One,” he noted.

2 – Zee Studios Launches Its First-Ever NFT on Polygon

Zee Studios will now have their own NFT store on Polygon. It’s going to be powered by NFTically – a platform that allows anyone to create their own NFT stores without prior technical knowledge.

Zee Studios is well known in India, particularly in the Indian entertainment industry. Entering the world of NFTs will be a new experience for them. Apart from creating an additional revenue stream, it will create a new type of connection with their fans across the world.

3 – Immutable Launches a Gas-Free Solution for Minting and Trading NFTs

In the past, scaling NFT projects was pretty hard. Developers had only a few alternatives if they didn’t like Ethereum – move to another blockchain or sidechain. None of the options were good because they had to sacrifice the scale and security provided by Ethereum. But staying on the world’s 2nd biggest blockchain was creating a bottleneck to mass adoption due to high gas fees.

Mass adoption can get a massive push forwards with Immutable X offering a Layer-2 solution. It offers 100% gas-free minting and trading of NFTs, massive scalability with 9,000 transactions per second, and the security of Ethereum. Other benefits include self custody and seamless UX for both developers and users.

4 – Cryption Network Upgrades to Core Farms 2.0

Cryption Network pushes crypto adoption further by developing products for normal retail investors. In its latest move, the network is stopping its Core Farms on PolyDEX and upgrading them to version 2.0. This provides both better APR and rewards for the community.

Core farms are important to provide liquidity for frequently traded cryptos such as ETH, BTC, MATIC, and stablecoins. Cryption previously used farms such as Matic-USDC, Matic-ETH, and others. The new farms will now have CNT pairs in them and will be listed on PolyDEX. Some pair examples are CNT-ETH, CNT-USDC, and CNT-MATIC. This will be a great boost for the CNT price over the long-term.

The old farms will end, and the new farms will launch on 6th of September 3pm UTC.

5 – World Origin Wilder Series Opens Its Second NFT for Bidding

In our last bit of crypto news stories for the day, Wilder World has launched its second 5D NFT poster. What they do differently is give you more value than just buying an NFT and then simply storing it in your wallet. Their innovation gives you NFTs that are Wilder World Metaverse ready – 5D hats you can wear, cars you can drive, and apartments you can own.

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