Top Crypto Partnerships – May Week 2

Partnerships are one way to tell that a protocol is innovating and adding new ideas. We are reviewing recent partnerships in this article.

Let’s dive deeper into what these partnerships mean for the Crypto community.


Sensay connects the digital and physical worlds. It uses high technology to do that. It creates personal digital copies of people. Sensay offers exceptional opportunities in the healthcare, entertainment, and education sectors.

These digital copies made by Sensay are helpful in so many ways. For example, they can learn and provide resources for humans. They can also serve as an emotional support system in times of need. Sensay is improving living standards by connecting the digital space to the physical. 

Sensay recently partnered with LayerZero Labs to improve Sensay’s token, $SNSY

LayerZero Labs develops messaging protocols for decentralized applications across many blockchains. They are improving how we interact with DeFi by making transactions more efficient. 


Eldarune is a web3 gaming company that makes games where players can use their assets across all games. This platform gives you an exciting gaming experience where you can go on adventures. Players can also join battles and visit dungeons. You can also craft items and stake them.

Eldarune partnered with Portal to expand its reach. Portal is a Web3 gaming platform. The Portal is open to everyone, regardless of their gaming experience, and includes survival games, RPGs, and more. There’s room for everyone to have fun with Portal.

The partnership between Eldarune and Portal will introduce people to the Web3 games. Eldarune’s adventurous games will be available on the Portal platform. Gamers will explore both gaming platforms and have fun while at it. 


Are you a DeFi trader? Then this is for you. Omnia is for Defi traders. Omnia helps traders address issues like transaction manipulation. Transaction manipulation occurs when someone alters your transaction for personal gain. Omnia handles transactions with lightning speed and connects wallets with ease. Omnia supports wallets like Coinbase and Metamask. 

Most DeFi traders would pick Omnia over any DeFi protocols. Omnia guarantees safe transactions. You don’t have to wait ages for a “transaction successful” notification. Omnia partnered with Blazpay to create a more efficient transactional system. This partnership addresses the issue of transaction manipulations.

So many DeFi protocols operate at high transaction speeds, but Blazpay stands. Why? Blazpay is a DeFi protocol that handles so many crypto trading-related activities.


ChainGPT focuses on developing Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto through advanced AI. It has tools in place for usage. You get tools like AI chatbots and NFT Generators. ChainGPT uses $CGPT for its activities. $CGPT unlocks many features that you can access to receive rewards.

ChainGPT recently joined forces with Sleepless AI. Sleepless AI offers a form of digital companionship to users. It is like your personal AI or the meta AI connected to your social applications. When you share your heartaches with it, it can give you suitable responses. 

There are a lot of things in store for this partnership. For instance, this partnership could advance AI-powered Chatbots. The partnership can further improve the AI gaming space.

BeFi Labs

BeFi Labs introduces Web3 users into the BRC-20 ecosystem. It is a protocol that allows users to trade BRC-20 tokens with no gas fee charges. There are no transaction charges. 

BeFi Labs wants to make blockchain easier for anyone exploring BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin Ordinals. BeFi Labs is not down for complex interactions. It makes things easy to use down to the slightest details. You do not need to be an expert to explore BeFi labs. 

BeFi Labs recently collaborated with Manta Network to create new opportunities. Manta Network makes transactions faster, cheaper, and more private. Manta uses high technology (Celestia and Polygon zkEVM) to secure its system and reduce transaction charges. 

Manta and BeFi protocols can use their features to make transactions smoother. 

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