Harp Bridge Connecting Harmony, Polkadot Is Live

Introduced as an effort to accelerate the growth of the blockchain industry, Harp, a brand new tool to serve as the bridge between the Harmony and Polkadot blockchains, is now live on testnet.

Announcing the testing of the Harp bridge testnet via an official blog post, Everstake said that the bridge between Harmony and Polkadot intends to provide interoperability for the two leading blockchain ecosystems.

Expressing its delight with the public testing for Harp, Everstake revealed that the new development possesses a lot of potential that both blockchain platforms are not yet aware of. It noted that these new use cases will emerge once interoperability becomes extensive.

“This is a vital piece of infrastructure that will spur and support the growth of products/projects like DEXes, liquidity pools, cross-chain lending and other DeFi instruments across the whole blockchain space,” Everstake added.

Additionally, Everstake disclosed that the Harp bridge was able to get this far due to the similar vision for the future of the blockchain industry that is shared by both Harmony and Polkadot.

Everstake notes that it found the Harmony team shared its vision for current and middle-term trends and the industry’s future, as well as “DeFi and NFTs.”

Harp Bridge Users To Earn Lucrative Rewards

Everstake announced that users who take part in the Harp bridge test stand the opportunity to win a lucrative reward – the gift of 300 ONE tokens.

According to the blockchain provider, the first 100 participants would be eligible to get a piece of the 30,000 ONE reward pool. To earn these rewards, participants must complete a successful two-way transaction or find a bug.

The blockchain platform further urged users to take part in the testing phase, noting that they will be setting the stage for the successful launch of the Harp bridge mainnet launch, which is expected around six weeks from now.

“Now more than ever we need your support. Real testing is possible only with real users. And it is about win-win interaction, thus you can find some financial motivation too,” Everstake noted.

ONE, DOT Prices

At the time of publication, ONE token rallied by 49.1% in the last 24 hours and was trading at $0.174171, with a market cap of $1,618,145,110 and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,136,078,905.

Also, Polkadot (DOT) token was trading at $37.29, with a market cap of $36,479,669,157 and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,205,226,348. DOT currently has a circulating supply of 977.4 million coins and a max supply of one billion coins.

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