Mines of Dalarnia Review

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are boosting their growth since the apparition of Axie Infinity. If you want to be an early adopter of the following gaming gem, discover Mines of Dalarnia (MoD) in this article.

What Are Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia (MoD) is an action-adventure side-scrolling game with addictive features. Each level contains different terrains, and each group holds other items that players can mix.

These items are combined to:

  • Make in-game consumables
  • Upgrade your character’s skills
  • Improve your gear

MoD takes in-game ownership to the next level, where each world/level is owned by players. These players can rent the plots out to other players to mine on for a fee and tax. Also, each world contains different resources to rent lands from other players to upgrade your character.

Moreover, every in-game item is represented as an NFT and can be traded on the market with the MoD native token, $DAR. As an owner, you determine tax, rental, and other customizable terms.

On the other hand, successful mines are measured by active miners and minerals being unearthed on that plot. The most successful plots each month will receive token rewards and airdrops!

Mines of Dalarnia Earning Opportunities And Upgrades

Users can upgrade ten different equipment and skills to become more efficient. This includes pickaxe, backpack, health, and boots. Also, drill and canary are considered.

Also, this creates a seriously addictive cycle of constantly upgrading features and chasing better items. The P2E game offers countless opportunities to earn $DAR tokens that you can sell on the marketplace. These tokens can also be staked to generate further returns.

Mines of Dalarnia Review 

The Good Part
We played Mines of Dalaria all afternoon today. Therefore, when we say this game is addictive, we mean it. There is this constant feeling of chasing the best upgrades, where players are only given a few minutes in each level, so they need to move fast.

Moreover, the game is easy to pick up with a bit of a learning curve. It takes a while to find the best strategies, and the early game progression is just difficult enough to keep you going. Therefore, as more items and plots are added to the game, more advances will be available, and the game will grab your time and attention even more.

The Bad Part
Nowadays,  this P2E game is still in alpha mode. Only white-listed members can play the game right now, and there are plenty of bugs that should be fixed before launch. Also, the mobile web version of the game does not work well now, so we recommend you wait for the desktop version.

On the other hand, another issue with the game comes with the mid-game progression. Therefore, you get to a point where the free plot no longer has enough resources to upgrade your items. So, now you need to rent plots with the resources needed to upgrade.

Finally, the main issue lies in the items you need to upgrade, which are not suitable for these rented worlds. Therefore, you now need to pay for additional $DAR to upgrade your NFT items. Also, the cost for this game could add up with no steady income coming in from rented plots.

We rank this game with 8/10.

Conclusions of Mines of Dalarnia

This is a fantastic P2E game with serious potential. Just difficult enough to keep your attention, but easy enough where you can multi-task. Also, players can find time to enjoy MoD whenever they want.

With the wealth of earning opportunities and customization options, we can see MoD creating an ecosystem that is fun and profitable to be a part of. As they balance the in-game progression, look for MoD to gain traction in the P2E scene.

Finally, public mint is open, so get your hands on a Mining Ape and give the game a try for yourself. Of course, keep in mind, do your research and invest in projects that interest you!

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