A new chain update will be brought to the DigiByte(DGB) chain as soon as it gets accepted by the miners. The update focuses on a new mining algorithm called Odocrypt.

Why Odocrypt?

Odocrypt algorithm will allow for everyone to mine DGB without the need for ASIC hardware. Odocrypt is also more secure because it changes itself every 10 days, thus preventing a 51% chain attack. According to its founder, DigiByte initially forked to create five mining algorithms, but only worked for a while until ASIC’s caught up.

Tate said:

“It worked for a while, but since then ASICs have been developed, sometimes in secret, for all five current DigiByte mining algorithms.”

The update will also prevent the creation of dedicated mining hardware, making DGB a “fairly mined coin”, in other words, big ASIC mining pools will be kept at bay.

DGB’s Twitter account also posted:

The $DGB-$BNB Peace Pact

To whom it may concern, we all believe in a new way of thought. We are all brave pioneers in a space that is yet to be defined by anyone human being. In this world, the majority prevail by working together and overcoming the perils of past quibbles…”

As some of us may already know, there were some disputes between DGB and Binance in the past.

Due to this update, DGB surged by 33% in the past 24 hours, which is great news.


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