Enjin Gasless Blockchain Attracts Microsoft and 50+ NFT Projects

Enjin, the creator of Microsoft NFTs announced early access to its gas-free blockchain dubbed JumpNet. According to the press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, JumpNet supports free minting and transacting of NFTs. As a result, projects are moving to JumpNet as fast as possible. Over the last 2 weeks of its launch, JumpNet has attracted more than 50 NFT projects. This list includes NFT projects like Microsoft, Binance, Kriptomat, OKEx, BlockDown, Lost Relics, The Six Dragons, and MetaverseMe.

JumpNet is a high-speed Proof of Authority blockchain. It serves as a platform for NFT creators to mint and trade NFTs with no gas costs. According to Enjin, JumpNet is an energy-efficient blockchain that promises to use 99.99% less energy than Ethereum. Using JumpNet, projects can launch eco-friendly NFTs. As a Proof of Authority blockchain, it is designed to be capable of running on four nodes. These nodes consume 30,000,000 watts per year.

Effectively, Enjin Ecosystem creators will be able to mint NFTs on JumpNet by consuming only ~0.000002 of the electricity as consumed on the Ethereum blockchain. This marks a major technological milestone in Enjin’s plan to enable carbon-neutral NFTs by the year 2030.

Who jumped on JumpNet?

JumpNet is a private version of the Ethereum blockchain. It utilizes the Proof of Authority (PoA) method of consensus and enables instant, secure, and gasless transactions. By partnering with trusted companies, Enjin plans to add more nodes to the Jumpnet.

Microsoft and JumpNet

Microsoft recently released a new badge of Azure Heros badgers using JumpNet. Almost 7,000 NFTs were distributed via Beam QR codes.


GameTalkTalk and JumpNet

Social media company Ludena Protocol’s social gaming GameTalkTalk enabled the minting of NFTs using Jumpnet. Reports state that the social gaming app currently has three million users.

“Through close collaboration with Enjin, we succeeded in the carbon-neutral NFT life cycle test on JumpNet, which was the fastest in Korea. Thanks to JumpNet, our NFT roadmap, including Ludena World’s Metaverse and avatar Luna, can now be implemented swiftly without gas fees,” said Joshua Kim, CEO of Ludena Protocol.

Exchanges and JumpNet

Exchanges like Binance are also utilizing JumpNet. The users are already receiving the Binance Hoodies, the NFTs built using JumpNet. The owners of these NFTs can wear them in three games – Lost Relics, MyMetaverse, and Forest Knight.

Team Enjin is also working Efinity, the second scaling solution that will further increase support for NFTs. Efinity is built with Polkadot and will help projects create a truly free, global digital economy.

ENJ Price

Over the last year, ENJ price has soared over 2434.6% and has recorded a new all-time high of $3.94.


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