Crypto and blockchain services Messari and Bison Trails are offering to take a look at one of the most ambitious projects in the crypto-verse: the upgrade of the Ethereum ecosystem.

According to a recent tweet on Messari’s Twitter account, the two companies are planning to unveil the latest report on ETH 2.0 soon. Called “The Road to ETH 2.0”, it will be presented at the beginning of December.

According to the company, this report will provide an “in-depth look at Ethereum’s most critical network upgrade to date.” It will also present the audience with broader implications for the Ethereum ecosystem. The report will be released on December 1.

The report’s issuance will be followed by a live discussion on December 2. It will cover the motivations and the roadmap for ETH 2.0 and comprise three parts. The “Fireside Chat” will feature a one-on-one conversation between Messari and Bison Trails on the state of the industry and where ETH 2.0 fits into everything. Messari’s Ryan Selkis and Joe Lallouz, CEO of Bison Trails, will be participating in it.

Meanwhile, Wilson Withiam, a researcher at Messari, will be moderating a discussion on “The Road to ETH 2.0”. During it, the developers and teams that are helping to launch the next phase of Ethereum will discuss their work and ongoing developments.

Finally, Ryan Watkins will be moderating the discussion on how the proof-of-stake system “will change the economics of Ethereum.”

If you want to join the discussion and get the report, follow this link.

ETH 2.0 is a highly ambitious and long-anticipated upgrade. The general consensus is that despite being a highly popular platform, Ethereum’s scalability remains a big problem. To increase the platform’s scalability, a proper upgrade is necessary that does not compromise decentralization.

Previously, Altcoin Buzz reported that Vitalik Buterin explained the benefits of the proof-of-stake system. For example, PoS is more secure than PoW, and security is a big issue in the crypto realm. It has also been reported that the ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain will go live on schedule on December 1.

For more ETH 2.0 news, check out the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.


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