Ledger Live is now compatible for all Android users! You now have the ability to connect your phone with an OTG cable to manage your crypto assets right from your phone.

Today, Ledger tweeted out that Android users running 7.0 and higher now have the ability to not only check their balances of their crypto assets but transact as well. Users in previous app versions were only able to view balances but now can have the exact same functionality as if they were operating on their computers. iPhone users will have to wait as technical limitations only allow a read-only mode.

Cryptocurrencies are made to be accessible and this app brings that accessibility to the next level. Through the use of Ledger’s OTG kit users can now plug their ledgers directly into their smartphones. This product costs about $18 and comes with 3 cables, a micro-USB to USB type C, a micro-USB to USB type A, and a micro-USB to micro USB cable.

“With the full release of the Ledger Live Mobile app, we are making a giant leap towards making cryptocurrencies more accessible. Being able to access and transact with your crypto assets everywhere you go has always been one of Ledger’s goals, which led to the creation of the Ledger Nano X.” – Ledger’s post

For anyone who is new to cryptocurrencies, Ledger Live allows for an easy interface for storing your cryptocurrencies safe and securely. Its simple interface allows users to easily download apps, send/receive cryptocurrencies, and track their balances. Having Ledger Live for mobile phones is a big step towards simplicity because it is easier to use on the go with a phone than with a laptop. With their new product, Ledger Nano X, no cables are required at all since it is Bluetooth compatible.


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