crypto and teenagers

Bitsa has announced the launch of Bitsa Young, a debit card and an app designed to allow young people to spend Dash.

This is according to a Twitter post by Bitsa.

The tweet reads: “NEW BITSA YOUNG!! All the advantages of Bitsa now for young people from 14 to 17 years old!

They just need to download the app and ask for your authorization.

No paperwork or extra expenses.

Try it now!”

About Bitsa Young

According to the post, the service will be available to young people aged 14-17. The cards will also need to be activated by a parent or guardian. Once this is done, they can top them up with cryptocurrencies like Dash. The card is currently only available in Europe.

Speaking on the announcement, COO of Bitsa, Luis Vaello, pointed out that this new card is a step toward ushering in financial freedom for the next generations. Still speaking on the launch, Vaello said: “With Bitsa Young we allow all the new generation to have their own financial freedom. We are very happy to provide the real first crypto card for teenagers.” The younger generation is more open-minded to innovative tech and also do not really fancy conventional banking methods. With Bitsa they can conveniently convert their crypto using Bitsa and “spend it anywhere Visa is accepted.”

Vaello believes this new card is a powerful tool in driving crypto adoption. The next generation will most likely receive their income in crypto. He also added that Bitsa Young, “is powerful for all crypto lovers with teenage children!” With Bitsa Young, they can easily fund their kid’s wallet with allowance in crypto. Providing them with the freedom to spend and save as they want.

In the spring of 2019, Bitsa also launched a debit card, providing Dash users with a lot of interesting financial services.

More use cases for cryptocurrency

Use cases for cryptocurrency are popping up by the minute. The introduction of Bitsa Young card is also a way to ensure the next generation is actively involved with cryptocurrency, thereby stimulating adoption. Vaello also believes that crypto adoption is driven by “using cryptocurrencies and not just hodling!”

He is actively looking forward to a future where crypto will be the major means of exchange worldwide. He, however, believes the launch of Bitsa Young is a step into creating this future. “In the future will love to see full crypto acceptance at merchants but this is the first step. Bitsa is also developing plans for merchants to full accept crypto in an easy way. Everything has a natural evolution and we hope to help throughout the process.”

A recent survey showed that Chinese students believe a future with crypto is inevitable. A different survey also stated that owners of cryptocurrency in the United States have doubled in 2019.


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