Top 4 Centralized Exchanges in Kadena

Kadena is a Layer 1, proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain. However, they’re different with a dual layer structure. It’s a scalable and fast blockchain. This is different compared to Bitcoin, which is probably the most well-known PoW blockchain. Its native token, KDA, is quite popular. It’s available on many exchanges.

So, that’s what we are looking into, Kadena and the four best centralized exchanges to find it.

Binance and Binance.US

Binance is currently, by far, the biggest exchange in the world. Its daily volume is $15 billion. That’s twelve times more than second place Coinbase. They also see 69.2 million monthly visitors. Compared to Coinbase, that’s twice as much. These are impressive statistics. Binance offers 353 coins with 1,388 trading pairs. It’s reassuring that Binance does offer information on its reserves.

Binance offers three KDA trading pairs. For instance, KDA/BTC, KDA/USDT, and KDA/BUSD. There’s an option to earn passive income. Binance offers a flexible staking option. However, the APR is only 0.5%. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to buy Kadena (KDA) on Binance.

Kadena is also available on Binance.US. Binance.US lists as the 11th exchange on the CoinGecko list. It has a daily volume of $469 million. Binance.US also sees 1.95 monthly visitors. The platform offers 149 coins with 336 trading pairs. In the same manner as Binance worldwide, Binance.US offers an insight to its reserves.


KuCoin is also a big and well-known exchange. CoinGecko lists it as 4th by daily volume. Which is $578 million. Each month, it welcomes 7.93 million users. KuCoin offers no less than 743 coins with 1,293 trading pairs. That is an impressive number of coins. It’s one of the reasons that explains its popularity.

On KuCoin, you can find three KDA trading pairs. In particular, KDA/USDT, KDA/USDC, and KDA/BTC. Although it offers extensive earn options, Kadena is not included. KuCoin listed Kadena in May 2021. Here’s an easy-to-understand guide about Kadena by KuCoin. Be aware that you need specific wallets for Kadena. It’s not an EVM-compatible token, so you won’t find KDA on MetaMask.

KuCoin has been around since 2017. Its headquarters is in Singapore, but it’s registered in the Seychelles. There is one known KuCoin hack. This was in September 2020, for $250-$280 million. However, KuCoin recovered around 84% of these stolen funds. Nonetheless, KuCoin returned all stolen funds to affected users. Supposedly the North Korean hacking collective Lazarus Group was behind this. The picture below shows the spot trading UI for the KDA/USDT pair.


Source: KuCoin


Deepcoin is best known for its derivative trading. In other words, a cryptocurrency is the underlying asset. You can trade in crypto or other assets, without owning it. The derivative follows the price development of the underlying asset. Deepcoin also offers 125x leverage. However, it doesn’t need you to do a KYC check. 

CoinGecko lists Deepcoin as the 62nd exchange by daily volume. Deepcoin has a daily volume of $445 million. It also welcomes each month around 1.82 million users. On Deepcoin, you can find 152 coins with 167 trading pairs. However, it only offers one KDA trading pair, KDA/USDT. This is for spot trading. It doesn’t offer a KDA perpetual contract.

Deepcoin also doesn’t offer any investment options. On the other hand, there is no known information, to date, of a hack on the Deepcoin platform. This short video gives a great introduction to the Deepcoin platform.


We discussed the four best centralized exchanges in Kadena. These included Binance, Binance.US, KuCoin, and Deepcoin.

The current KDA price is $1.01. Its market cap is $225 million. Out of a one billion max supply, currently 223 million tokens already circulate. KDA is available on a few exchanges including Binance.US for our American readers. Also, did you know that on Binance US you can get whitelisted for the Cristiano Ronaldo first official NFT collection, receive his free souvenir NFT and earn $500? Just click this link and type ALTCOINBUZZ as promo code.

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