Blockchain and women are not exactly love and marriage: The recent survey by Circle is in line with previous results and shows that millennial women invest in cryptocurrency at half the rate of men. This is why, Hard Fork Decentralized, the blockchain and cryptocurrency event which is about to take place this year, wants to change things.

The event, which has been launched by and unites multiple leading companies offering a platform for roundtable sessions, and networking events, is willing to give women a dramatic ticket discount of 85%. This means that ladies can spend as little as 29 pounds ($38) on finding out more about the promising technology which has been recently characterized as “staggeringly great.”

The identical discount also applies if you are under 30 and/or a DLT developer. However, other potential attendees will have to pay a no less staggeringly great sum of 199-1999 pounds (ex-vat, $262-$2628) for a ticket.

“The blockchain industry has become more aware of its lack of diversity, and we’re beginning to move in the right direction to tackle the issue. At Hard Fork Decentralized, our blockchain and cryptocurrency event, we want to help by making sure that all voices are equally heard,” writes The next web.

The event will take place between 12-14 December this year. Its aim, according to the organizers is to “bring more women to both the event and the industry, start a real conversation, and make everyone feel welcome. In short: we want to do something about gender inequality in blockchain.”

The organizers emphasize that the participants will have “a perfect opportunity to share view and network” as well as to partake in a separate event called the Exchange, which is “an exclusive space,decision-makers come together to build new relationships, conduct private meetings, join discussions, and interact with leadership teams from blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.”

All of the mentioned tickets are available via this link.

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