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Sigmadex to Push Boundaries of Decentralization

Sigmadex to Push Boundaries of Decentralization

Perpetual liquidity protocol Sigmadex has been researching new methods of further decentralization within existing blockchain bridges. In a research piece published on May 31, the...
Decentralization Demands Better Security for End-Users

Decentralization Demands Better Security for End-Users

The narrative around blockchain technology in 2009 was entirely different from what it is today. When first launched, blockchain was supposed to offer people...
IOHK Completes Decentralization of Cardano Block Production

IOHK Completes Decentralization of Cardano Block Production

IOHK, the developers behind Cardano, has successfully optimized the blockchain platform, making it fully decentralized and completely controlled by the Cardano community. Cardano parent company...
DigiByte Fights against WeissCrypto

DigiByte vs WeissCrypto | Decentralization vs Partisanship?

DigiByte founder, Jared Tate, has raged a war against the US rating company, WeissCrypto. However, he seems to have a valid reason to do...
Did Steem Lose Everything to Hive

People’s Hive vs Justin Sun’s Steem | Decentralization Wins!

Chinese crypto entrepreneur, Justin Sun seems to be hell-bent to bake fresh controversies every now and then. However, this time Justin went a little...

Etihad Airways adopts decentralization with Winding Tree Blockchain

The national airline of UAE partners with Winding Tress, the Swiss blockchain startup. The pilot over blockchain will manage logistics pilot using decentralized and...
Altcoin Buzz AMA Wicrypt

Wicrypt AMA with COO Toni Dada

Wicrypt is a Smart WiFi Network that allows users to get rewarded for sharing internet connectivity. The CFO of Altcoin Buzz, Shitij Gupta, anchored the Wicrypt...
Inmersive metaverse GeckoCon

The Future of the Immersive Metaverse – GeckoCon

Altcoin Buzz is partnering with CoinGeckoCon to cover the event live! Here is the session called "The Future of the Immersive Metaverse". This occurred on...
WanLend, Wanchain's DeFi app

Using WanLend to Increase Your DeFi Returns

WanLend, the Defi app in the Wanchain ecosystem, presents some great opportunities for DeFi investors. Because Wanchain is looking to grow, some of their...
Democratizing Ownership via Fractional NFTs panel from CoinGeckoCon

Democratizing Ownership via Fractional NFTs- GeckoCon

Altcoin Buzz is a partner with Coingecko. We are covering their GeckoCon conference this week. In this article, we are going to look at Democratizing...