18 RWA Coins Set to Skyrocket in 2024 - Part 3

Here is the second part of this article.

Let’s discover 6 more RWA coins you should know about:

1) Xend Finance

Xend finance rebrands to Real-world assets, moving its utility token from $XEND to $RWA. The transition from $XEND to $RWA means there is a change in its tokenomics. This transition shift brings utility-based protocols to the blockchain while combining traditional and decentralized finance. 

Xend Finance has an application that allows you to save stablecoins and earn over 15% interest on your savings. Aside from the expected spike in price in 2024, Xend has much to offer. $RWA, Xend’s native token, is at $0.26 and has a market cap of $28.5 Million.

Xend Finance is also looking into allowing users to convert $RWA into fiat using the Xend bank app. A payment card for transactions is also on their list. $RWA has practical utility, increasing its use case in real life.

2) Grand Base

Instead of going through the hassle of getting physical assets, Grand Base allows you to trade synthetic assets on its decentralized marketplace. Grand Base uses synthetic assets on-chain, so you do not have to get the physical assets. 

The good news is that, unlike other protocols doing the same thing, Grand Base ensures these assets are stable and easy to trade. As humans, we all look for stability, and Grand Base presents it as a synthetic asset. With Grand Base, you can easily trade real-world assets on the blockchain. 

$GB, Grand Base’s native token, is at $3.25 and has a market cap of $34 million. 

3) Boson Protocol

Boson focuses on decentralized commerce, enabling transparent transactions between digital contracts and real-world assets. Using the Boson protocol, you can sell physical products as NFTs.

The $BOSON token currently costs $0.63 and has a market cap of $79.6 million. 

4) Opulous

Music enthusiasts have a place in the real-world assets space. Opulous is an RWA protocol for music on the blockchain. With Opulous, you can own a piece of your favorite song. 

The fun fact is that Opulous is also connected with Spotify. So, you can own a piece of your favorite song while streaming it on Spotify. The $OPUL token currently costs $0.27 and has a market cap of $78.7 million. 

5) Dimitra Technology

Dimitra is into agricultural AI, that is, farming using AI concepts. AI is famous for collecting and using data to solve outstanding problems. Dimitra uses AI tools to aid the agricultural chain. Using AI in the agriculture sector would improve the results from yields and revenue generated. 

$DMTR is Dimitra’s token. It is at $0.21 and has a market cap of $103 million. 

6) LTO Network 

LTO network is a Layer 1 blockchain focusing on RWAs and Privacy. It connects real-world assets and digital assets while maintaining decentralization and privacy. 

LTO Network also has a Web3 wallet that gives you complete control over your assets $LTO is currently at $0.25 and has a market cap of $107 million.

Real-world assets are ready to turn things around in 2024. They’ve already started shaking things up, and we expect more as the year progresses.


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