HOTTEST Decentralised Prediction Market on Blockchain

Why are poker and the sports book 2 of the most popular things in a casino? It’s because your own knowledge can reduce or eliminate the house edge. You know the saying that “the house always wins”.

But with these games, especially poker, you are playing against other players, NOT against the house. And what if you could just wager against someone else and not worry about the house advantage? Now, you can. P2P Sports prediction markets. Introducing DexSport, a Decentralised Prediction Market.

What is DexSport?

DexSport is a decentralized, transparent, and hassle-free registered web3 betting platform, where users can wager and get paid. Its smart contracts went through a CertiK & Pessimistic audit and passed both. Plus, they have backing from BSCPad and other industry players to operate this decentralized prediction market.

With that safety concern out of the way, let’s look at the platform. Boba Chain is coming soon but almost all EVM chains and Ethereum itself are available on Dexsport. First, you see we have to add funds. I’m picking a low-fee chain like BNB Chain to add $100 for my wager. Then all down the left side, you see the sports we can wager on. I’m going to pick one from the English Premier League and one from Major League Baseball.

MLB first. So I am making 2 predictions here. First, the Atlanta Braves beat the NY Mets for $20 at odds of 1.42 to 1. Then, for another $20 the total runs for the game will be under 10. Notice that each wager has a betID, which works just like a transaction hash so you can search for the outcome if you make lots of bets. 

Again, keeping it decentralized and trustless. Payouts are instant too with no intermediaries in the way. The smart contracts do it all. Now, to England. The only game on the board in the EPL on the day I recorded this is Arsenal at Crystal Palace. Here I also made 2 wagers. At an odd of 1.78 to 1, I predict that Arsenal will win on the road at Selhurst Park, which is a tough place to play.

More About DexSport

Also here, just on a feeling, my last $20 is on the total goals of the game being over 2, at a slightly lower 1.48 to 1. You can see in the Possible Win column that I can win up to $165 on my $100 if all 4 of my picks come in. Click on “My Bets”, and you see all the wagers here and in the Unsettled category as these games have not happened yet on the day I recorded this.

You see all the prediction options including total goals (which I bet on) but also using handicaps for or against your team of choice. All with different odds like Crystal Palace plus 1 pays 1.61 to 1. That’s pretty attractive for a time that’s strong at home like they are.

And for some real fun, there are “prop bets” too as they are known in the betting world. Where you bet on just one specific thing happening in the game like both teams scoring a goal or who “wins” the first half only.

Another cool aspect is just like an online version of a sports book, you can live to stream the action from matches taking place right now. In this case, 3 tennis matches from 2 ATP tournaments that help the players prep for the upcoming US Open are happening now. And with odds and handicaps changing on the fly with each passing game in the match.

You can follow e-sports too for your gamers. And there are other games too. Are any of you into e-sports out there? Leave a comment with your favorites to play or follow

The Gamer Side of Things

Here we have Dex Dice, which looks like a dice game version of roulette. I am trying the demo because I’m out of money so we can see how the game works. Each result is between 1-100 and I am wagering $1 for each one in the demo.

It took me 4 rolls to finally win one and then I won 2 in a row. And you see we have 17 different games to choose from.

The Contest, Airdrop, and DESU Token

And we have 1 more super cool thing for you today. Although it started on July 1st, Dexsport has a contest going on until September 30th. Now, and every quarter going forward, Dexsport will be giving away $15,000 BUSD in a combination of raffle where anyone can win PLUS if you fall into one of these 3 categories. If you are in the Top 50 current winners for Express, Top 50 Active, or Top 50 currently live playing, then you get a piece of this prize too.

Plus, Dexsport has a token. The symbol is DESU. You can buy in on Kanga or PancakeSwap. When you own the DESU token, you can:

  • Take part in the DAO.
  • Earn cashback prizes and giveaways.
  • And get whitelisted for special events.

The DESU token has a 1 billion supply and you are getting in seriously early on this one. There’s only a 59 million circulating supply and a market value of $240,000. Its current price is 4/10ths of a cent.

Having a token available like this means you can wager however you like, just like I did in this video, AND you can also be the house and get a piece of other peoples’ losing predictions. Pretty cool huh? Wanna check it out? Click this link and give it a try today. It’s the most fun and decentralized wagering platform on the market today.

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