How To Take Profit In Crypto

You saw a good call; it did 500%, but you didn’t take profit, hoping it would go higher. Now, it’s down to -30%.

This is normal. It happened to the best of traders. To not be a victim of this again, this article will guide you to take profit in crypto. Here’s how to go about it.

The Art of Taking Profit in Crypto

Most Crypto traders get good calls and realize high profit points but refrain from taking profits. In the end, they lose their initial investment. How do you avoid this?

Let’s look at two aspects of a crypto trader’s trading goals to get a hold of this. We have short-term and long-term goals.

1) Short-term (Trading)

A golden rule in trading is to cut losses and let your profits run. You hear this often, but how are you supposed to achieve it? Have you lost a trade? You’ll have to learn to accept your loss and move on. Yes, you had a good trading strategy, but it didn’t produce the required results, so you’ll have to move on and make the next trade.

The good thing about trading is that you can set your profit percentage. You can set it to take profit at 25%, 50%, 75%. It all depends on your desired profit point. You should note that taking profit at every profit point results in a considerable loss; gas fees go off. Imagine taking profits at several profit points on the Ethereum blockchain; you know the story.

Don’t always take profit too early. You’d run yourself at a loss, thinking you are being smart with your trades, while you are losing a lot by not allowing your profit to run. Crypto traders take trades based on conviction. If you’re convinced about a trade, you can also allow your profit to run.

So, it would be best if you traded with a plan. What’s the percentage you want out of this trade? Are you okay with taking 75%, or will you allow your profits to run? In essence, trading is planning. Let’s move on to the second aspect of trading.

2) Long-term (Investing)

Do you invest in high-performing micro-cap and memecoins? Well, that’s what long-term investment is all about. You put your money into a low-market cap with promising structures and take profit.

How do you make profits in long-term investments in crypto? You see your coins move to a higher market cap, and you take your initial investments. The general rule is to “take out your initial investment once you’ve made a profit.”

With this method, you make money from your investments while maintaining your position. You don’t take your whole cash out of the investment; you only take out your initial investment, so you don’t experience huge losses.

For Altcoin holders, sell part of your bags whenever the Altcoin market is running high with high market caps. Don’t take everything out; 30-50 % should be okay. With this trading strategy, you make a profit while maintaining your position. For long-term investments, consider taking profit when Altcoin market caps are at an all-time high.

A solid strategy for making a profit in crypto is “When others are selling, you buy. When others are buying, you sell.”



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