Missed Solana (SOL) Airdrops? Don't Miss Injective (INJ)!

Airdrop season seems to be upon us. Remember the Jito airdrop on Solana? 3 People claimed drops ranging between $5k and 10-12K and more. Projects without a token suddenly found themselves in the spotlight.

From there, it’s only a small step to other ecosystems. Especially if they are on fire, like Solana. So, the step to Injective (INJ) isn’t too big in that case. Injective is certainly on fire. So, let’s look at how you can qualify for confirmed airdrops on Injective.

1) Mint Your INJ Domain Name

Minting your Injective (INJ) domain is the easiest task for today. It’s also the cheapest option today.  So, visit the INJ space ID domain page. Seven digits cost me 0.11 INJ, which at the current INJ price is $4.5 for 1 year. Make sure to have some INJ in your wallet. Now, follow these easy steps to set up your INJ Domain:

  • Visit the ‘INJ space ID’ page.
  • Fill in your required name and check if it’s available. If available, click on the blue arrow.
  • Clock on the register and sign in your wallet. If you use a Ledger, make sure to use the Ethereum network.
  • After you pay, you can transfer your new domain to your Injective (INJ) address. Copy the INJ address and click the ‘Transfer’ button. In this window, you can also extend your subscription. However, a new window pops up and once more, click the ‘Transfer’ button. 

That’s it for the domain name ID. Let’s move on to some more INJ airdrop action.

2) Talis Protocol

My next stop is Talis Protocol. This is the leading NFT marketplace on Injective (INJ). The Injective NFT space has recently been on fire. Prices of both the NFTs and INJ skyrocketed.  For example, their blue chip NFT, The Ninjas. In October, the floor was 13 INJ, with INJ at $6.60. Within a week in December, the floor went up to 40+ INJ and the INJ price was $20.89. That’s an easy $700 profit. Currently, the floor is back down to 25 INJ, but INJ is up to $41. So, they’re even more valuable right now.

So, to qualify for the airdrop, you need to do two things. The protocol announced this on their X profile:

  1. Stake INJ with their validator node. 
  2. You will get quarterly rewards, based on your transaction volume. Holders of specific tokens and NFTs within the ecosystem are in for special rewards.

Well, it’s pretty straightforward, start trading. Other blue-chip collections include, among others:

And the crazy part is that most blue-chip mints were free mints! The TALIS token trades on Helix. The current price is $0.15.

3) Black Panther

This brings me to the next confirmed airdrop, Black Panther. This is an asset management protocol with self-custody. In other words, you connect your wallet, and all the time you have control over your assets.

Black Panther offers auto-compounding vaults. Its yield options are also automated. The platform confirmed its BLACK token. To qualify for the airdrop, you need to do two things:

  1. Stake with their validator node.
  2. Use their protocol. So, deposit in the Black Panther vaults.

You have various options. For example, the one-sided Real Yield Vault for INJ, currently offers 107% APY. The Grid Trading Vault for INJ/USDT offers 186.6% APY. These are juicy numbers. So, when you deposit INJ into these vaults, you earn points. The more points you earn, the bigger your airdrop will be. Be aware, that although Injective is on the Cosmos Hub, you need to use the Ethereum chain for deposits. Follow these steps:

  • Buy INJ on an exchange that lists the token.
  • If you have a Ledger, connect your Ledger to MetaMask.
  • Connect to their website using MetaMask.
  • Black Panther will give you an Injective wallet address for MetaMask.
  • Send INJ from the exchange to your INJ wallet address.

Now deposit INJ into their vaults. It will swap your INJ to USDT. However, you have full exposure to the INJ price.

4) More Strategies

Hydro is another confirmed airdrop. To qualify, stake your INJ with any validator. It’s a liquid staking derivatives platform, with automatic compounding. If you took part in their testnet, it would be even better. That’s already closed by now. Their airdrop is confirmed.

Another strategy is to use as many platforms and protocols as you can on Injective. Some may have airdrops down the line. For example:

  • Helix, it’s the Injective’s first derivative exchange. It also offers cross-chain spot and futures markets.
  • Levana Protocol, this is a fully collateralized perpetuals DEX. They just had the snapshot taken for their airdrop.

There are also projects still in their testnet phase. Taking part there will also help you qualify for future potential airdrops. For instance:

  • Aeroscraper, a lending and borrowing protocol.
  • Ninja Blaze, this is GameFi. The platform is building a gaming ecosystem.
  • Exotic Markets, this is an option and derivatives infrastructure. You can find it on both Solana and Injective.

So, plenty of options are available for you on Injective. Go out and try them out. Are you familiar with these Injective platforms? Or have you participated in airdrops before? Let me know in the comments.

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