Meet ECIO: The First NFT Space Action-Adventure Game

Ecio is a blockchain game built on the BNB Smart Chain. The game brings an intriguing storyline to the P2E gaming community alongside an action-packed gaming mode. The space strategy battle game centers around players finding their unique space crew. Afterward, gamers would begin to conquer the universe known as “Ecioverse.”

Ecio goes beyond offering players a chance to have fun; it also has real-world applications. Ecio’s team is working on cartoon and animation licensing. The team is also exploring further off-chain investment opportunities in the entertainment world. The game also has a collaboration with the Binance NFT marketplace, which provides more opportunities and rewards for its community.

This article will explain why the public release is something to look forward to. NFT-based games are racking up popularity. And Ecio ranks amongst the games to watch out for. From the gameplay to the reward system, the game is simply intriguing and deserves recognition.

More About Ecio

Ecio aims to build a large gaming community in the coming months. As a result, the NFT adventure game plans to unite DeFi, space, and gaming fans. The platform encourages voting and interaction amongst its community members. Users would get to determine the direction of the ECIO token as part of its community-driven approach.

Apart from thrilling rewards, the game has more for users to explore. Ecio offers players access to tokens and exclusive NFTs. The game has two basic reward tokens, Ecio and LAKRIMA. Players also earn rewards like complete NFTs and NFT fragments. In addition, gamers can upgrade and combine their NFTs for more performance while playing the game.

Ecio is beyond a single-player PVP game. It also includes a pretty cool multiplayer mode where players can explore with their pals. In addition, players can collaborate to survive invasions, defeat enemies, or compete with another guild.

What is the Public Launch All About?

The alpha version of Ecio’s game will be available to the public on April 20. The public rollout will include play-to-earn (P2E) capabilities. It will begin with Mission mode, followed by other game modes.

Ecio’s alpha version will be available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux browsers. Also, the player-versus-environment mission mode will feature an advanced storyline and much intrigue. Players will have to combat their way through 12 stages packed with extremely hard adversaries. The game will include more stages in later updates. Furthermore, Space Warriors, in the form of buyable NFTs, can be enhanced as the game progresses. This will cater to the need for more strength and unique powers.

Ecio will include new game modes, such as Boss Hunter and Survival, in the alpha in the following weeks. This move will provide economic benefits to players. It will offer them more options to earn in-game NFTs and token rewards. Here’s a breakdown of each mode.

Mission Mode: This requires players to explore various planets while battling enemy forces and formidable opponents. This mode will have the LAKRIMA and experience points as rewards.

Boss Hunter mode: Gamers must defeat different enemies before facing incredibly powerful adversaries or bosses to come out on top. This mode will have the ECIO and NFT fragment as rewards. Furthermore, the difficulty of this mode necessitates players to upgrade their Space Warriors to achieve higher skill levels.

Survival mode: As the title suggests, this mode requires players to fight hard to live. The longer gamers stay alive, the more powerful their opponents become. Also, players have to maintain the highest survival period on the ranking board to earn rewards.

Token Utility

The tokens ECIO and LAKRIMA are part of Ecio’s gaming community. Players can get each as a reward while playing the game. Furthermore, both tokens have other purposes within the game. Here are other use cases of the tokens:

  1. Staking: Players can stake the ECIO token in staking pools with APRs ranging from 100% to 200%.
  2. Minting Space Warriors and NFT fragments: players can use the two tokens to mint new Space Warriors and NFT fragments.
  3. Upgrading: To advance in the game, players can craft their NFTs or upgrade them to get stronger.

With the upcoming public release, players can expect a new sense of adventure and a thrilling experience. For more info about Ecio, check out their Discord and Telegram pages

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