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It’s the 7th piece of ShardTalk and we have Cliff Cawley, Founder of Codebit Labs, to share with us more about Forgotten Artifacts.

Game: Forgotten Artifacts
Genre: Dungeon crawler
Quick Info: The first playable game released on Enjin. Enjin backed items available in-game for looting.

Before we go on take a look at this gameplay video! Check out how looting in-game Enj items get immediately transferred to your Enjin wallet! How awesome is that?

The Interview
Q: What made you decide to develop a dungeon crawler game?

Cliff: I’ve always enjoyed them but thought I could make one that was a bit different by focusing less on comparing all the stats and more fun by having interesting events within the game.

Q: How has Enjin helped in the development of Forgotten Artifacts?

Cliff: It’s given real-world value to all of the items you can find, along with providing a way to monetise marketplace transactions. This should mean I can make the game sustainable for years to come!

Q: Will like to explain a little on adventurer stones and whether Forgotten Artifacts will be fully F2p in the future?

Cliff: Adventure Stones were added to help limit the vast looting that was happening within the dungeon as well as to allow easier access to events. As Enjin backed items cost me money to create I have to be careful what I give away as it could send me bankrupt. I need to be mindful that the game now has a real economy within it.

I’m wary of f2p because it relies on a small number of people to generously fund the development of the entire game so that the majority of people can play for free. I don’t feel this is fair and a large number of game studios have gone bankrupt attempting to support this model.

I do however understand people like to try things out before paying and I already support this within the game.

While you are required to have Adventure Stones to enter a dungeon, they aren’t consumed until you take blockchain loot out with you so it’s a fair trade.

I’m also trying out some other monetisation models and listening to feedback from my community. I’m just trying to make the game sustainable so I can keep working on it for years to come.

Q: I see you are a one-man army but you have made tremendous and amazing progress all on your own. Will you look to get more help in the future?

Cliff: I do have a lot of experience creating video games as I am a video game industry veteran and I pride myself on my quality.

I’m a programmer by trade but I do like to dabble with art, design and sound and while I don’t produce all of the art within the game myself, I definitely give it my own touch.

I will look for help in the future as soon as I can make it profitable in order to pay for wages.

Q: Personally what items/weapons do you enjoy using in Forgotten Artifacts? Will there be spellcasting in future updates?

Cliff: One of my favourites at the moment is Krong’Oul’s Last End Conductor and Spitfire. They’re both ranged weapons and I commonly use melee but I just love how they look when you use them!

Spellcasting is coming in the future yes 🙂


Q: The pet system is something many gamers get excited about for most games and there has been many amazing pets released so far for Forgotten Artifacts. Will pets in Forgotten Artifacts be able to have utility in-game in the future? Or can they provide addition stats to the character when entering a dungeon?

Cliff: They were originally only going to be cosmetic but my community has demanded that they fight, carry all your loot and do more interesting things. So I will definitely be revisiting their utility within the game. I’m leaning towards helping you fight 😉


Q: The past events have been lots of fun and really enjoyable.  Any info you will be able to share about the next event?

Cliff: Not currently, I like to keep some mystery around the events to add some surprise and delight!

I’m hoping to add a constant stream of things to do through Quests very soon.

Q: What are some of the goals you have for Forgotten Artifacts?

Cliff: I have some new areas with an end goal now of making it multiplayer. I’ll be looking at 4 player co-op as well as 1v1 pvp battles after requests from my community 🙂

Q: Anything else you will like to share with our readers?

Cliff: Create an account and download the game as it runs on both Windows and Mac.

If you visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the website you will find a QR code to scan for the free ‘Scathing Ruin’ sword which you can equip when you get into the game!

Be sure to join my Telegram and Discord channels to participate in the fun we have 🙂


This brings an end to lucky number 7 and as Cliff said, there is a free sword for everyone! We have made it easier for our readers by providing you the QR in this article. Cliff is a super talented developer and has lots of interesting and amazing ideas to be implemented in-game. Do join their telegram where there have been community events carried out previously. There is even an unofficial trading channel just for Forgotten Artifacts if you are looking for cooler weapons.

Forgotten Artifacts



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