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Are you keen on finding out how the regulators are treating cryptocurrencies? Then the cryptocurrency regulation section is for you. At Altcoin Buzz, we strive to find out all the peculiarities of the crypto-verse. Especially, when it comes to such tricky issues as cryptocurrency regulation. We examine the behavior of major institutions like the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and scrutinize its approach to crypto so that you stay in the loop. We also look at other key countries around the world and compare their attitudes. This way, we want to ensure that every reader can make informed choices anywhere and at any time.

Binance Now Minting TUSD

Binance Switches to the TUSD Stablecoin

The Binance USD stablecoin or BUSD is under scrutiny. Regulators in the US are targeting the BUSD. However, don't get fooled into thinking that...
the xrp lawsuit review part 2

Everything About the XRP Lawsuit – Part 2

The protracted legal battle between the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and the blockchain company, Ripple,  has been going on for almost two years. The...
Calculating Crypto Taxes

Everything You Need to Know About Calculating Crypto Taxes

Taxes and crypto are turning into hot items. Until a few years ago, nobody cared much about it. However, nowadays, the IRS and tax...
Grayscale Investments vs the US SEC

Grayscale Investments vs the US SEC

Yet another ground-breaking legal proceeding is set to take place in the crypto space as Grayscale Investments drags the U.S. SEC to court. The world’s...
How Can TDS Affect Indian Traders?

How Can TDS Affect Indian Traders?

The New Finance Bill (2022), also known as the crypto tax bill, aims to levy a 1% TDS on crypto transactions. TDS, Tax Deducted...
What Could Kill Crypto

Exploring The Factors That Could Kill Crypto

Crypto markets have been battered this year, declining 70% since their peak. Bear markets are nothing new but, are there any factors that could...
Indian 1% TDS Tax Law

Crypto Legislation Is Coming

Today, June 7, 2022, should see a large piece of crypto legislation start the process in the US. It should define the position of...
china bitcoin timeline

A Timeline of China’s Attitude to Bitcoin

Earlier this month, a Shanghai High People’s Court made a stunning statement. All of a sudden, Bitcoin is a legal virtual property according to...
Why Does Panama Crypto Law Have More Potential Than El Salvador's?

Why Does Panama Crypto Law Have More Potential Than El Salvador’s?

Imagine the possibility of paying your taxes and completing private transactions with cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the Panama Legislative Assembly, the possibility of this is...
Why Dubai Could Be the World's Crypto Hub

Why Dubai Could Be the World’s Crypto Hub

Since its inception, the blockchain and cryptocurrency space has faced a lot of criticism from regulators worldwide. The Emirate of Dubai is, however, showing signs...