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Proof of Stake blockchains are underpinned by Masternodes. A Masternode is a computer that verifies blockchain transactions. They are an additional layer that secures and governs the network. A Masternode cannot create a block. The Masternode participants receive rewards at different intervals and can gain extra voting and verification rights.

Stay tuned to this section of Altcoin Buzz for the latest news, updates, and reviews about crypto passive income via the Masternode ecosystem. Also, learn more about how Masternode technology is evolving and the passive investment opportunity it provides.

Energi Masternode

How Energi Stacks Up in the Masternode Ladder?

Launched in April 2018, Energi has cleared its way up to become the first crypto project to combine smart contracts, on-chain governance, community-governance, and...
Altcoin Buzz Becomes a ShareRing Masternode

Altcoin Buzz Becomes a ShareRing Masternode

ShareRing is an enterprise-ready platform encompassing a range of industries and protocols. Moreover, it aims at promoting the adoption of blockchain on a global...

What You Should Know Before Setting up a Cryptocurrency Masternode

People usually think that only those who can analyze the market trends or are day traders can make money in the crypto space. But...

Tomochain – Staking on Masternodes Wars

TomoChain is a cutting-edge solution to the scalability problems with the Ethereum, in particular, and other current blockchain platforms. It is an EVM (Ethereum...

Wanchain will Adopt PoS in 2019

The Wanchain community spoke up and now the team is looking into adopting a proof of stake algorithm. Storeman nodes will arrive in Q1 of...

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