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In our previous article, we cover everything you need to know about AMAZY. The team, its concept, tokenomics, the gameplay, and roadmap. However, there is another very important milestone that deserves your attention now. 

On July 22nd, Amazy is listing, AZY, its native token, in two very important exchanges: OKX and ByBit. Apart from that, In this article, you will discover developments, investments, influencers, and traffic of AMAZY.

AZY Token is Listing in OKX & ByBit on July 22nd

At 12:00 (UTC), the AZY token will be available in its stop trading markets. Here are other details:

  • AZY deposits open at 00:00 am UTC on Jul. 20
  • AZY/USDT, AZY/USDC Spot trading open at 12:00 pm UTC on Jul. 22
  • AZY withdrawals open at 12:00 pm UTC on Jul. 23

Moreover, it’s important to say that the total supply of AZY is 1 billion tokens and its initial circulating supply will be 41 million tokens. On the other hand, in ByBit, AZY will also be available at 12:05 (UTC) on the same day in its spot trading section with the AZY/USDT pair.

Therefore, ByBit has launched a 40,000 USDT pool where you can deposit and have the opportunity to earn that prize.

AMAZY App & Development

Right now, the iOS/Android app has successfully completed its beta testing on more than 4000 users. Also, the top gaming developer company, AZUR GAMES, is behind AMAZY. This gaming company is 3rd in the world with more than 1.5 billion downloads in 2021.

On the other hand, AMAZY has refused early-stage investments from funds because these were the ones who gave the initial investment:

  • Founders: They give the money first.
  • Influencers: They invested the same amount of money as founders, but they brought traffic to the project. Bloggers do not have the task of earning more quickly; rather, they must earn the trust of their audience, because reputation was the goal.

AMAZY was initially supported by 350 bloggers, actors, athletes, stars, and other Influencers with a combined audience of 750 million people. They all have endorsement contracts with a two-year vesting period.

In the Gleam competition, a long-term marketing plan, Sergey Kosenko’s team has a good start and recorded results. They also have fantastic expertise in dealing with Influencers and the audience.

If you want to stay upgraded with the latest news of AMAZY, you can take a look at their Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Right now, the total media coverage of their partners and investors is:

  • TikTok has 328 million followers.
  • Instagram has 300 million followers.
  • Youtube has 89 million followers.
  •  Telegram has 13 million followers.

Finally, Amazy Amazy has launched a beta test for NFT-box owners, more info here:

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