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When the FTX pump was at its peak, everyone started to see if other centralized exchanges had the same error. First, they looked at Binance’s treasury of $74.5 billion. Then, they looked at and saw something very strange.

Nowadays, the token allocation of has 3 very important tokens in its token allocation: Bitcoin (33%), Ethereum (17%), USDT (5%), CRO (3%), and SHIB (20%). Discover the risks this has for the platform and the industry. is Getting a Lot of FUD by Influencers

For any centralized exchange, it is very dangerous that almost 30% of the tokens its customer deposit are risky. Certainly, the CEO of confirmed that those tokens are customer deposits made in 2021.

Because of this, many crypto influencers started to attack the exchange and then deleted their tweets. However, some of them apologized and others took a long time to do it. This made a very big wave of rumors that made lots of users start to withdraw their money. Massive layoffs. However, this was not the only strange thing that happened here.

Why Sent 320,000 ETH to in October 2022?

Another very curious fact happened on In October 2022, the exchange sent 320,000 ETH to But that was not all, 5-7 days later, 285,000 ETH was sent back to, even when they said that all their user’s funds are held offline in cold storage. Hours later, said that it was a mistake. However, users were very scared that they were having another FTX’s case. This problem was too fresh not to think about it.

On this occasion, for now, there is no sign that is doing similar things that FTX did. It is not their fault that their users are Shiba Inu speculators. It is quite another thing if the exchange’s internal portfolio has that same proportion.

We will continue to provide more news on this topic.

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