Ripple and XRP make important strides towards helping adoption. XRP tackles the user adoption (YouTube, Twitch, Wikipedia, Internet Archive) while Ripple is handling the institutional adoption (PNC).

Users can now accept XRP on YouTube and Twitch. Through the integration of an application, called Coil, users can donate XRP to their favorite YouTube channels. Users can now also donate to Wikipedia and the Internet Archive.

This is big news since one of the use cases for XRP is a tipping service. While Bitcoin isn’t the most efficient way to process small transactions, XRP does.

Ripple added another company to utilize their RippleNet. Ripple allows PNC customers to receive real-time cross-border payments. PNC is a very big bank as it has over 8 million customers across 19 US states. Having this type of integration is extremely valuable for customers, payments that usually take days and that might require an intermediary are now instant.

To this day Ripple has over 100 financial institutions in about 40 different countries utilizing their blockchain technology. XRP has recently gone through a price increase with their announcement of xRapid. It is predicted by Brad Garlinghouse that “dozens” of banks would be utilizing xRapid and XRP by the end of 2019.

Regardless of your opinions of XRP, Ripple is one of the most important assets the cryptocurrency community has, the other being Coinbase. Ripple is constantly promoting adoption and showing institutions real-world use cases for blockchain technology and by extension cryptocurrencies.


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