NEAR Charts Course for User-Owned AI Integration

This initiative was revealed during a virtual town hall meeting earlier today, led by NEAR co-founder Illia Polosukhin.

In front of NEAR’s core employees, Polosukhin discussed the company’s strategy to hire AI engineers ‘soon.’ This is part of its 3-6 month roadmap focused on integrating AI functionalities.

NEAR Prepares for AI Integration

According to Coindesk, this decision comes at a time when the synergy between AI and blockchain technology is capturing the attention of both industries. NEAR aims to be at the forefront of this convergence, leveraging its platform to foster the development of open-source AI. In pursuit of this goal, the product team at NEAR is actively planning AI workstreams to guide the transition phase over the next few months.

NEAR’s token buzz intensified with Polosukhin’s upcoming ‘Transforming AI’ panel at Nvidia’s conference. The visibility and the anticipated integration of AI saw NEAR’s token price double, highlighting the market’s enthusiasm for blockchain and AI convergence.

According to details from the presentation, NEAR plans to utilize to showcase AI-related information and developments. An external announcement in May will offer more details on NEAR’s user-owned AI vision.

More About NEAR

The Layer-1 platform believes its decentralized and not-for-profit structure uniquely positions it to pioneer the open-source AI movement. NEAR sets itself apart from for-profit entities, which are often driven by revenue incentives. It emphasizes its token economy and decentralized nature to promote an open, permissionless ecosystem.

By integrating AI, NEAR is expanding its technological capabilities. It’s also making a statement about the future of digital innovation.


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