Wanchain has always been at the forefront in the bridging space. Jack Lu founded Wanchain back in 2017. Ever since, he has also been the CEO. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that the protocol launched its first bridge. That was the first decentralized Bitcoin — Ethereum bridge. Ever since, the team has been building. One of the key figures in the team has always been Temujin Louie.

That’s who we’re focusing on today since Louie will become the new CEO of Wanchain.

Temujin Louie as New CEO

Temujin Louie, Wanchain’s current VP of Marketing & Growth, and Jack Lu, current CEO, held an AMA earlier today. Together, they announced a changing of the guard during this AMA. Temujin Louie will become the new CEO of Wanchain. At the same time, Jack Lu, will leave this position, and become an active advisor for Wanchain.

As we embark on this new chapter, I am confident that Wanchain will continue to thrive under Temujin’s leadership.” That’s what Jack Lu, the founder of Wanchain had to say. “I look forward to staying connected and supporting the team in my new role as an advisor and contributing to Wanchain’s future success.

A New Roadmap Leading Up to 2030

The change will take effect immediately. But this is not all. The leadership change also saw an updated mission and vision. This allows Wanchain to reposition itself. To achieve their new goals, there’s a new roadmap leading up to 2030. The video below shows Temujin’s vision on this roadmap.

As you may know, none of the Wanchain bridges has ever been compromised. Wanchain’s decentralized bridges rank as the safest bridge option available. Their main focus is to maintain this standard, with Temujin at the helm. Furthermore, they will also maintain their interoperability across the crypto space. See Temujin’s view on this in the following video.

This should lead to increased scalability and unifying isolated networks. This should have a positive effect on mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Temujin also has plans to unlock extra utility for Wanchain’s WAN coin. The platform will introduce bridging fees. A part of these fees will go to the community treasury to speed up ecosystem growth. 

We know Temujin as a hard and effective worker. For example, he successfully led the marketing efforts for the Wanchain Bridge. He also oversaw new innovations like XFlows and the Cardano Bridge. He oversaw all that and made sure that the outside world was aware of it.

We’ve worked with Wanchain for a while. So, we would like to congratulate Temujin on behalf of Altcoin Buzz on his new position. 

Wanchain Achievements

As already mentioned, Temujin overlooked all major developments at Wanchain. So, it’s time to highlight some of these features.


XFlows allows you to transfer native assets between chains. In other words, it’s a decentralized cross-chain solution. However, its main focus is on native assets. So, this allows you to transfer these native assets in a noncustodial way. There’s no need to move your assets through a centralized exchange or CEX. You also don’t need to wrap them. 

XFlows offers this for 4 tokens, BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC. As it happens, these four tokens represent 90% of all crypto transactions. Here’s what Temujin has to say about XFlows.



Source: Wanchain website

More on XFlows here

The Cardano Bridge

This is the first decentralized bridge between Cardano and the EVM ecosystem. This opens up options for both sides to explore each other’s DeFi landscape or NFTs. So, Cardano users get access to billions of USD in the EVM ecosystem. On the other hand, the EVM ecosystem users have now access to Cardano as well. See the video below.

There’s also a new Cardano proposal. This would allow EVM-compatible wallets to work in the Cardano ecosystem and use Cardano projects. Both are groundbreaking features. For all these achievements, Temujin was at the helm of Wanchain’s marketing. See Temuljin’s explanation below.


Wanchain’s Temujin Louie and Jack Lu held an AMA earlier today. During the AMA, they announced that Temujin will be Wanchain’s new CEO, per directive. Jack Lu, founder and previous CEO, will become an active advisor for the project. Temujin has been pivotal in leading Wanchain’s marketing efforts. He’s been an important factor in the projects’ success over the years. With him at the helm, Wanchain is looking at a bright future.



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