Crypto gamers! It’s time to level up because the QORPO World’s Token Generation Event (TGE) is almost here, and let me tell you, it’s a big deal! So, what’s the buzz all about? Well, imagine your favorite game studio—yeah, the one behind those epic adventures in Citizen Conflict and the mind-bending world of Aneemate. That’s right, QORPO World is gearing up to shake things up in the gaming universe with their TGE.

During this event, they’re dropping their very own native token, $QORPO. This token isn’t just some in-game currency for one title. It’s the lifeblood of the entire QORPO gaming community. This includes all games, esports, and NFTs within the QORPO studio.

The TGE takes place on Thursday, February 29. QORPO will mint and distribute the $QORPO token to investors, community members, and players. The event marks the grand opening of the ecosystem.

How big is this? Picture this: 750 million $QORPO tokens are about to hit the market. The tokens will be minted as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Mainnet. That’s not all! A chunk of these tokens (about 33%) is earmarked for you, the community. 

The TGE is a big deal if you want to get your hands on the $QORPO tokens. So, if you’ve been enjoying Citizens Conflict and the rest, you need these tokens for your crafting, buying, and selling. That’s not all. These tokens unlock rewards, such as

  1. Access to exclusive content
  2. Governance rights 
  3. Priority access to games
  4. Staking opportunities
  5. Esports integration
When is the event taking place?

$QORPO will officially arrive on Bybit on February 29 at 10 a.m. UTC. 

There are other sweet ways to earn $QORPO tokens. Let’s talk about them.

Zealy Farming and Airdrop

The Zealy Farming and Airdrop Campaign has been up since February 21. The whole idea was to give gamers a chance to earn $QORPO tokens before the TGE. So, players who complete certain in-game and social tasks stand a chance to share the QORPO tokens! 

This is a good way to boost your token stash. Here’s the best part; it’s quick and fun. Check out this article for details on how to get started with the Zealy tasks. 

Interestingly, QORPO recently announced the roadmaps for both Citizen Conflict and AneeMate. This will be a valuable source of information on what partners, investors, and players can expect in the coming months. 

The Citizen Conflict Roadmap

Citizen Conflict is one of the standout action games on the market. It perfectly blends the massive gameplay of an MMO open-world map with the competitiveness of esports. You may even remember, about 18 months ago we did a video about Citizen Conflict where at least half of the AB team got to play it.

So, game development, beta and public launches, new game features and modes, and various esports initiatives are the main priorities of the 2024 Roadmap. See the image below for more details on the roadmap.

AneeMate Roadmap

QORPO released AneeMate following the success of “Citizen Conflict.” The game gives you the chance to explore an action-packed world full of bizarre creatures and exciting adventures. It blends open-world gameplay with the excitement of capturing and gathering creatures. 

See the image below for a breakdown of the roadmap

QORPO’s roadmaps mirror its transparency and ambitions in Web3 gaming. Its core drive is to close the gap between Web2 and Web3 games. It’s already achieving this with its top-tier games, esports competitions, NFT marketplaces, and social hubs. The $QORPO token will maintain its value across all the studio’s games.


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